Its Time to Upgrade Your Garage

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Too much stuff taking up your car park space? Perhaps, you have to deal with a broken garage door and dirty floors every morning when you go out. Neglecting your garage can be bad even for commercial property. But for a residential property that’s looking to sell, a rundown garage can turn away potential buyers.

If this sounds like your garage, then it’s time to upgrade and make a great investment. Don’t worry if you have no idea where to begin. This article has you covered. The good news is, some of the renovations we have listed for you below won’t cost much.

We recommend that you look through garage renovation pictures online and browse for remodeling ideas. Garage remodeling projects vary widely in their complexity, so you would want to do your homework first. Generally, most families look for affordable and simple renovations when upgrading their garage. Some homeowners desire a more functional garage. With garage renovation pictures available online, don’t be like most homeowners who don’t know what they are missing out on. Here is a peek into how you can benefit from a garage upgrade.

Increased Value

Change is good, and one thing for sure is it is inevitable. If you have a home or a commercial property for rent, an upgrade to your garage is a wise investment, and that fresh look will increase your home’s or commercial property’s value. A higher value for your property can benefit you in so many ways in the short or long run when you decide to sell.


Imagine having a broken garage door that easily attracts trespassers. If your garage is attached to your home, it can even pose a greater risk to your property. Therefore, upgrading your garage door is the best way to ensure the protection of all assets, including your family.


A lot of people will assume things about your home based on its outward look. The first thing passersby or visitors see is the outside of your house. Upgrading your garage for a better and improved curb appeal gives a good lasting impression that makes you proud of your home. Your garage will no longer embarrass you every time you open it.

As promised, here are some of the renovations homeowners can do to get things right and upgrade their garages to enjoy some of those benefits outlined so far.

Get a New Garage Door

Want an upgrade you’ll appreciate every time you open your garage door or one that adds value to your house? Then an automated garage door installation is the first step in your quest to upgrade your garage. Remote-controlled garage door openers are convenient and more accessible than manual doors. Imagine remembering at work that you left your garage open and then being able to close it by pressing a few buttons on your phone.

That sounds like a door that complements and improves your home’s curb appeal while making a great first impression. This is especially so if you are showing your home to potential buyers. So replacing the old garage door with a contemporary, trendy door is no doubt a great move.

Ask for recent garage renovation pictures from the company that is providing you with garage door repair services. Who knows, you might be able to find something you like. If you wish to keep the old door, consider repainting it with a color that complements your home and upgrades its interior and exterior. Also, repair any damages and faults on your garage door.

Refurbish the Garage Floor

An upgrade to your garage is all about putting a little style and color, and the garage floor is the next best place to start. A flooring upgrade depends on whether you are just fixing the old one or installing a new floor that suits your needs. Before you make a decision, make sure the floor you want is durable and easy to clean.

Again, look for garage renovation pictures to discover which garage floor types are trending. Generally, most garages in homes are floored with asphalt or concrete. Asphalt paving is prone to cracks. So, if your floor has developed cracks and pitting, you can start upgrading your garage by repairing these cracks. You can then opt for oil paint or epoxy paint to create a shiny, attractive floor. If you’re going to use your garage as an office or man cave, there is a need to add a lot of decor to a rough floor. In that case, tiles, carpets, and rugs are highly favored upgrade pieces.

Upgrade Your Roof

Is your garage roof leaking? Or moss is developing? It’s time to replace it. Re-roofing is a stylish upgrade, and you should pay attention to the details that go into a quality garage roof. Check out current garage renovation pictures of different roofing materials and designs to help you select the perfect one for your garage roof. Sometimes you don’t always have to replace your roof. Roofing repairs can simply be done on the affected or damaged area. The style and components added to your garage roof will help to enhance the exterior look.

Repaint Garage Walls

Your garage is part of your home, and it’s important to brighten what can often be a dull, neglected Space. Going through garage renovation pictures can help you to upgrade your interior garage wall and start to shape the decor of your garage and add value to your home. If your garage wall is begging for a paint makeover, choose a paint color that compliments the color of your car and floor. Always go through trendy garage renovation pictures to get an idea of what you may want.

If your garage wall is insulated, check for any water damage and molds. If your insulation is damaged, this can make it less effective, so you need to start considering fixing this. Insulation is a great investment if you are going to use your garage as a living space, and it helps keep the room at comfortable temperatures. The next step is to hang drywall to cover the exposed insulation. Drywall is flexible when it comes to adding a storage system. Finally, to give your garage wall that glamorous look, dress it in a fresh coat of paint.

Install a storage system

A garage is primarily a place to store your car. However, it can also be a place to store several items. As great as your garage is for any form of storage, it may not be used in a productive way. If your garage is a nightmare because of all that disorganized stuff and you can hardly find space for your car, that can be sorted out with a few tweaks here and there.

It’s essential to install a storage system that works well for your needs. Thankfully, there are plenty of storage system designs that offer that extra space for your equipment or tools. During your garage renovation, you can create structured storage space.

For instance, you can install an overhead storage system that is stylish and creates more space on the floor. Or you can go for a simple and modern design, something versatile like cabinets or shelves. This enables you to use much of the vertical space and organize your items better. If you own several cars, you’ll definitely need to mount a car key holder on the wall. It can be a difficult thing to manage and keep track of many car keys. Plus, car key replacement can cost you a fortune. So you would want to consider installing a safe place for your car keys as part of your garage upgrade.

Pay Attention to the Plumbing

Think of the mess a leaking pipe in your garage can cause overnight. You’ll definitely need to upgrade your plumbing to an automated system. Install leak detectors or water alarm systems to avoid unnecessary problems of water damage.

Good plumbing is important to your garage remodeling project. This is especially so if you won’t be using that garage space to store your car but instead as a living space. Then your garage upgrade should include installing a toilet, sink, or shower. This shouldn’t be a DIY project, but homeowners should get a professional plumber. There is nothing worse than wasting money trying to do it yourself only to pay again to undo the work

If you live in a home that has a private well and you can’t access water in your garage or any part of your house, have a well pump installation company look at it. If it’s an old pump, consider replacing it with a new one.

Work on the Lighting

Everyone knows that for a garage to run smoothly and efficiently, there has to be proper lighting. If your garage is currently not well-lit, you may have some difficulty navigating yourself through the space. In that case, it’s time to upgrade your garage lighting setup. See garage renovation pictures online for different designs of lights you can install. Just like any other room in your house, simple changes can help brighten up things. So don’t just install a single overhead light bulb but start considering installing windows for more natural light. Check out some garage renovation pictures for different window designs that can fit your needs. Remember, good lighting produces a conducive working and relaxing environment.

Add an HVAC System

If your garage is being used as a living space or a workshop and you are spending more hours in there, maybe adding an HVAC system isn’t such a bad idea. Homeowners with a detached garage know just how hot it gets in the summer. And adding air conditioning is a cool investment. If your garage is attached to your home, companies offering HVAC service can help you connect the ductwork to your garage. But if your garage is a storage place for gasoline, the lawnmower, and your car, make sure to keep garage air out of your home. You wouldn’t want all that gas and contaminated air coming out of your car to flow into your house.

Add Electrical Outlets

If your garage doesn’t already have electrical outlets, installing two at each side of the garage wall will make plugging in more flexible and convenient. Installing electrical outlets is something homeowners can do themselves, but for a more professional upgrade to your garage, residential electricians with the right tools can do a more satisfying job. They can also perform maintenance on your electrical components. General maintenance of fixtures improves your garage’s functionality.

Install a Car Lift

For extra premium space, consider installing a car lift in your garage. A car lift raises your car above floor level, allowing more space underneath, which is handy if you wanna work on your car or even park another car. This is a great investment because it gives you more space without altering the structure of your garage. Search online for garage renovation pictures before and after a car lift was installed. Car lifts are perfect for storing other tools or equipment like boats and snowmobiles.

Convert Your Garage Into a Playroom

Not using that garage for parking your vehicles? Why not convert it into a fun space for your kids to hang out, instead? With a little care and basic changes, you can easily accommodate a growing family. If you don’t have an extra room or a basement, it can actually be a great idea to upgrade your garage into a playroom that your kids and the whole family can enjoy.

All in all, upgrading a garage may cost you money, but it is a great move to make. It offers significant returns in the long run. So if you are a homeowner, you should consider upgrading to a better garage. If you own a commercial property for rent, upgrading your garage can be a worthwhile investment since customers will appreciate the smarter environment.


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