EV Charging Station for Your Multi Family Property

Hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles are in high demand. There are about 40 different models of electric cars and hybrids out there. There are some interesting demographics about people that are buying electric vehicles that may persuade you that you need an apartment EV charging station to attract highly qualified tenants.

There are about 20,000 EV charging stations available to the public. An apartment EV charging station can be a perk that you offer your tenants that becomes one of your biggest selling points.

Who is Buying Electric Cars?

A recent study showed that about 1/3rd of electric car or hybrid car owners make at least $120,000 a year. Electric car or hybrid car buyers between the ages of 24-35 make up about 20% of the market. About 87% of apartment dwellers are between the ages of 25-41, are single or newly married.

An apartment EV charging station can be the selling point that ensures highly qualified tenants with the income to match will occupy your building. Electric car charging stations will become more popular over time, being one of the first in your area can help to reduce your competition for the best tenants.

It is The Perfect Perk for Luxury Living

Adding an apartment EVE charging station to your luxury hi-rise’s list of amenities can be the tipping of scales for potential tenants. An EV car owner that is weighing their options between two luxury apartment options will choose the option that makes it easier for them to fully enjoy their EV vehicle or hybrid vehicle.

Pulling out ahead of the competition in the luxury apartment market means providing the amenities that other buildings are not offering. Being the first in your area to provide an apartment EV charging station can be the easiest way to attract the right tenants.

It is A Great Way To Build a Great Reputation

Providing tenants with a vehicle charging station will help to improve your “green image”. Being an environmentally friendly apartment complex is important to an entire sector of the population. Providing vehicle charging stations will ramp up your reputation for practicing what your complex preaches.

Environmentally friendly options are also a big selling point. Electric car charging stations will be an expected amenity before you know it. The time to get in on this expected amenity is now. Learn more about EV charging stations for apartment buildings today.

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