How Do Digital Vehicle Inspections Work?

If you’ve ever wondered what digital vehicle inspections are, look no further. The Youtube video “What is a Digital Vehicle Inspection (DVI)?” has all the information you need to understand what happens to your car when you take it to an auto repair shop. Let’s find out more!

Simply put, digital vehicle inspections are checks that are not done with pen and paper. Instead, technicians will use a table or a computer containing a list of things they need to oversee when they review a car.

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This way, they can give owners a comprehensive look at what their vehicle requires, why it’s failing, etc. Additionally, technicians can take pictures as they conduct the inspection and include them in the final result.

This process makes clients and shops more secure because they have evidence of everything taking place. It also creates a better order for their work. Traditionally, a technician would actually have to show the customer what was happening by bringing them into the shop and slowly demonstrating the issues with their car. Luckily, digital vehicle inspections solve that hassle. It’s more efficient this way. You can watch the rest of the video for more details about these inspections.


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