Copper Tips for Scrapping

In this video, you will learn about car scrapping. The information on copper scrapping is pretty scattered. Copper is a very precious metal that can be recycled an unlimited amount of times without degrading.

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This makes it extremely valuable as a car material. Copper is actually very interesting because it does not react to water. It does not rust, which makes it a really good material to build cars with, or anything really. It is relatively durable, too. When you scrap copper, make sure you clean and remove all of it to see how much of it you have. There are three main grades of copper, which are how you determine the value. When it is bright, it means it is top grade. This is the most sought-after copper material. This market value is pretty high. You don’t want to have any copper that has paint on it. Roofing copper is the next category. This is also a pretty sought-after material. There is a lot to know about copper. If you are interested in learning more, make sure you do some research. Keep watching more of this video to learn more.

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