Do I Buy a New Car or Repair It?

buy a new car or repair the old one

To buy a new car or repair the old one? That’s the question on the minds of many drivers who worry about safety, new features, vehicle damage, and cost. From making sure your vehicle gets you to your destination to upgrading to a new model simply for aesthetics, the number of choices you have to make to either buy a new car or repair the old one can overwhelm even the most experienced of drivers. After all, your choices are often influenced by how well you drive, your driving record, insurance premiums, and age.

But when you mull over the decision to buy a new car or repair the old one, you have a few questions you’ll want to consider. Is the old vehicle so damaged that you’ll have to pay more money to get it fixed than you would if you were buying a new one? Does the time and effort it takes to buy a new car or repair the old one make more sense if you choose one or the other? And are you sick of your old car and want to start with something new, especially since the old vehicle’s gone through wear and tear? Whether you want to buy a new car or repair the old one, here are eight things you need to think about first.

Evaluate Your Need for the Latest Safety Technology

The world of driver’s assistance technologies can put the minds of even the most anxious of drivers at ease. These technologies are aimed at not only improving the overall driving experience but detecting motion and dangers that a driver can’t see and will automatically adjust the vehicle accordingly. When you think about whether you want to buy a new car or repair the old one, remember why driving safely is so important. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 36,096 people died from mother vehicle crashes in 2019. Additionally, large truck occupant fatalities and distracted driving-related fatalities rose 3.4% and 9.9% respectively. Because of these tragic statistics, as a driver, you need to think about forward collision and blind spot warnings, lane departure warnings, automatic emergency braking systems, and rear automatic braking. Overall, these kinds of safety technologies take collision intervention to another level, making buying a new car a great choice if you prioritize safety, but auto repairs are a financial burden you’d rather avoid.

Choose to Buy A Used Car if You’re Buying a New Vehicle

Used cars are cheaper than newer versions. Cheap enough that you can find a solid used vehicle for $2,000 to $4,000. That extra cash in your pocket is important if you’re needing the money for home repairs, medical bills, routine living expenses, and something special for the future. A shiny new car may only yield benefits that aren’t worth the extra dollar if you’re not driving long distances or in need of a vehicle that’s visually appealing. In addition, you can sometimes get your used car repaired for free under the vehicle’s factory warranty. When you think of whether you want to buy a new car or repair the old one, understand that if saving money is so important, you have to avoid the need for collision repairs even when you do buy a used vehicle. According to Rawhide, used car prices are nearly 50% lower than new car costs. So, ask yourself, is it more important to get to where you need to go or arrive in a vehicle with the newest features and sleekest design?

Remember That Used Cars Are Better for the Environment

With an increase in climate change events, more drivers than ever are interested in purchasing vehicles that don’t hurt the environment. Used cars are better for the environment because they reduce the amount of carbon dioxide that enters the atmosphere. When you think about whether you want to buy a new car or repair an old one, remember that carbon dioxide increases global warming because carbon dioxide traps heat near the Earth’s surface. Global warming is a problem that will affect all generations at some point in their lifetimes. For many families, simply not being able to enjoy a white Christmas or a better dose of spring is worth buying a used car instead of a new one. Additionally, natural disasters like tropical cyclones, hurricanes, tornadoes, and severe droughts are all related to climate change. So, if you’re looking for an easy way to say you did your part on keeping the environment safe, look no further than your vehicle-related purchases, which should either be focused on used models or repairing the vehicle you already have.

Remember That New Cars Have Newer Features

You don’t have to be a teenager to enjoy all the exciting features a new vehicle offers. Nor do you have to appear in a film featuring exotic rides with heavy price tags. With today’s models, you can take advantage of everything from wireless phone chargers and massage seats to 360-degree cameras and video rearview mirrors. Many of these features are all about making your ride more comfortable, convenient, and enjoyable to be in, with the idea that the fancier and more features there are, the more you’ll want to shell out the big bucks. If you want the best stuff, you’ll have to avoid the used car dealership and purchase a brand new vehicle that has your name on it. Take your time to explore the world of driving with Apple Car Play and Android Auto cell phone features, and while you’re at it, you may even find a ride that lets you do a remote start using your cell phone. These exciting features are for drivers who want to spend the extra money on a newer ride. So, if money is a concern, think of repairing or upgrading your old ride and waiting for the exciting features for another day.

Simply Replacing Your Tires May Make for a More Enjoyable Ride

Have you thought about the condition of your tires lately? Trading cars for cash is a great idea, but sometimes, tire replacement may be worth trying before anything else. Your tires need to be balanced and predictable. Additionally, tires that don’t get good traction can make the car prone to slipping and sliding. Think about whether you want to buy a new car or repair the old one. All-season tires deliver comfort and excellent handling. What driving experience would that be great for? For starters, long-distance drives and even adventures throughout city streets. The type of tires used can impact the way a vehicle handles through tight corners, just as a long straightaway can give you a sense of how your vehicle’s engine is doing. Meanwhile, touring tires are similar but also provide traction for the entire year. Meaning, the kind of traction that helps you out a lot during heavy rain and snow. In the end, replacing your tires every six years for about $60 may improve the driving experience enough that you don’t have to buy a new vehicle.

Your Used Vehicle Might Get Towed More Often if You’re Not Careful

Car towing services can be a lifeline when you’re damaged and on the side of the road. No one wants to find themselves getting towed, but the truth is, used vehicles may conceal signs of damage or wear and tear. For the buyer who doesn’t notice, a used vehicle with even minor damage can lead you to an accident or break down in the road. That means you need to take the time to check under the bumpers and take a second look at the headlights to see if they’re tightly fit. Notice that signs of paint overspray may represent recent bodywork concealing greater damage underneath, and dirt and debris under the carpet may suggest recent flood damage. When you don’t know whether you want to buy a new car or repair the old one, just remember that you may never know the experiences of the driver who drove your used vehicle. Whether they had braking problems, issues with the engine, or struggles with the car radio, even an honest dealer might not notice something, leaving you to get wet on a rainy night.

Hire the Right Auto Body Technicians if You’re Repairing Your Old Vehicle

A mechanic is your solution to getting a damaged vehicle back on the road as soon as possible. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, mechanics can make up to $44,050 a year, and there were 703,800 jobs available in 2020. Thanks to the positive job outlook, auto body technicians and mechanics know they need to have excellent customer service skills, flawless attention to detail, and a solid work ethic to help customers. They need to understand the different parts that are used in vehicles as well as the technology that’s used to check and make sure everything is working properly. Mechanics use computer diagnostic equipment, perform repairs with the manufacturer and customers’ approval, and explain to customers what they’re doing while going so far as to test parts and the vehicle itself periodically to ensure the repair process is running smoothly. Regardless of a mechanic’s specific job responsibilities, there are many reasons you’ll want to think about hiring a mechanic when you decide whether to buy a new car or repair the old one. Among the first: faulty car repairs. Mechanics take their jobs seriously, so you should seriously think about finding the best technician near you if you’re thinking about repairing your old vehicle rather than buying a new one.

Try Detailing a New Car or Old Car Either Way

The great thing about auto detailing companies is that they can improve the cosmetic versus the mechanical, keeping the vehicle in pristine condition while you continue to drive it. Auto detailing goes way beyond what kids saw in Grand Theft Auto 5. It includes washing, drying, and waxing the exterior, vacuuming of seats and carpet, and cleaning pf the leather floor mats. If you’re ever in doubt, know that auto detailers will clean vehicles according to company standards and client specifications, meaning you’ll receive everything from steaming and deodorizing to detailed inspections designed to make sure your vehicle looks it’s best when it’s back on the road. Depending on where you visit, some auto detailing shops will even install accessories and apply a new paint, so as long as you have the cash, a detail might be a better investment than a new vehicle.

Whether you want to buy a new car or repair the old one, you’re still going to need auto insurance to make sure you can keep your car on the road. But even then, the decision isn’t easy, because some drivers simply want better features while others are okay with repairing their vehicle and hanging on with the warranty. Either way, buying a used car is a suitable endeavor when you think about it, and everything from the affordable cost of working with auto glass companies to getting your tires replaced will be much more appealing to you if you don’t want to spend the extra money on a new vehicle.

All you will need to do is focus your attention on the kind of damage and repairs you currently have. If the amount of money it takes to repair a car costs more than it costs to buy a new one, then there is a good chance that you might want to buy a new car instead of repairing the old one. And if you’re simply sick of your vehicle and want to try a new car for a change, buying a new car will ensure you get the kind of features you want to see in a new vehicle. Some drivers are okay with just making sure their car gets them where they need to be and nothing else. If that sounds like you, then when you think about whether to buy a new car or repair the old one, you’ll have a lot easier decision to make as long as you understand who you are as a driver.

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