How To Choose The Best Oil Filter

Since there are dozens of types of oil filters, it’s important that you know what oil filter is the best. These filters are important because they are in place to remove any contaminants from the oil in your engine ad transmission. Without this filter, these contaminants could ruin your entire car.

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Even though this filter is about the size of a can of corn, it is essential to the proper running of your engine and keeping it running smoothly.

The first thing you should notice about your oil filter is what type of material it is made out of. The materials used for these filters range from cardboard to metal and they all come at different price points. It’s essential that you try to figure out what filters will rust easily because that rust could add to the contaminants of your engine, not remove them.

Thickness and length also become a factor when choosing a filter. Thin and short filters will not last as long as thick and long filters. Use this video as a resource when choosing your next oil filter. Watch the whole video to get an inside look at about fifty different oil filters.


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