Benefits of Taking a Driver Improvement Course

Are you wondering if you should take DMV driver improvement classes? Do you have a ticket and you want to reduce the charge? It may be possible to negotiate a disposition where you agree to take the driver improvement course in return for a reduction or dismissal of the charge. In other words, you can use the driver improvement course as a bargaining tool.

If your driving record is not stellar, taking a driver improvement course before going to court may improve your point balance.

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Under many state’s DMV point system, you can improve your record by five points by taking a DMV-approved driver improvement class. Taking a driver improvement course can also reduce your insurance rates if your particular insurance company offers a reduction for such courses. After you complete one of the courses you will be given a Driving School Completion Certificate, which you should show the judge. You should also get an updated driving record transcript from the DMV to show the judge your record reflecting the updated point balance.

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