Why You Need to Repair Your Motorcycle Fuel Pump

carvaA fuel pump is one of the most important systems in your motorcycle. It pumps gas from the tank to the engine, which allows the pistons to move and combust — thereby releasing thrust and power to move. However, many people don’t pay a lot of attention to their motorcycle fuel pumps. If you do not have regular fuel pump repair, your motorcycle will exhibit frequent engine or fuel-related problems.

More than 77% of the vehicles on the road today are in need of repairs and maintenance — and that includes motorcycles. Motorcycle fuel pump repair is something you should incorporate into your schedule, as it offers the following benefits.

Increase Fuel Efficiency

Most of the people who have defective fuel filters and pumps will complain about reduced fuel efficiency. In some cases, excess or insufficient fuel is being fed into the engine, which can lead to both mechanical and financial issues for the motorcycle owner. However, with regular fuel pump repair, you will be able to eliminate all sorts of fuel problems and your pump will direct sufficient fuel to the engine. One of the commonly known ways of improving fuel efficiency is by installing a replacement fuel pump.

Prevent High-Pitched Noises

If you consistently notice high-pitched noises emanating from your engine, you need to check on the fuel pump. Extreme noise indicates that there is too much wear and tear on your motorcycle fuel pump. Waiting for the scratches and the noises to end only worsens the situation by having a serious mechanical failure related to the fuel pump (and sometimes the engine itself). If you incorporate regular fuel pump repair into your routine, you will prevent these noises and other serious mechanical damages.

Minimize Engine Stalling

Many motorcycle owners associate engine stalling with other mechanical problems. However, it has consistently been proven that motorcycle fuel pumps can have a direct impact on engine stalling and surges. A defective fuel pump releases excess fuel to the engine, which leads to stalling. In other situations, the fuel pump releases very little or no fuel to the engine, which causes sudden speed surges. Regular motorcycle fuel pump repairs eliminate engine stalling and sudden surges.

Eliminate Engine Stuttering

Engine stuttering is a common problem in motorcycles that have defective fuel pumps. If you are moving at a high speed and the engine jolts or stutters, you’ll likely need to repair or replace your fuel pump. The fact that the whole fuel system has a lack of sufficient fuel means that you don’t have control of your motorcycle. Scheduled fuel pump repair will eliminate all sorts of engine stuttering while at the same time ensuring that your bike moves at a constant speed.

Promote Immediate Ignition

If you are trying to ignite your engine and it fails to work, you should know that you have a mechanical problem with your fuel pump. Delayed or lack of immediate ignition is a common issue among many motorcycles and vehicles — but it’s certainly not normal. Delayed ignition originates from one source: a defective fuel pump. If you have your fuel pump repaired and sorted out immediately, you’ll benefit from immediate ignition.

Improve Engine Performance

A considerable number of motorcycles experience huge difficulties when climbing uphill, especially when carrying loads. However, some of these difficulties might not be related to engine capacity; rather, they might be due to a defective fuel pump. If your motorcycle is experiencing difficulties climbing uphill, even without towing a load, it could indicate the need for fuel pump repair. People who have their fuel pumps serviced and repaired regularly will likely find that riding uphill is never a problem. A good working fuel pump has consistent fuel flow to the engine, which helps in keeping a consistent engine performance.

What’s Next?

Repairing your motorcycle fuel pump is an essential undertaking that will help keep your motorcycle road-worthy for the long term. Nevertheless, you need to get the best fuel pump components so that you can leverage on quality fuel pump parts. Quantum Fuel Systems manufactures to provide some of the best fuel pump systems in the industry. Contact us or our affiliates for more details.

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