3 Ways Window Tinting Can Benefit Your Office

Windows are an important feature in any office building, whether you’re in a high rise overlooking the city or a single-story business facing a back alley. Natural light has a positive effect on your employees, but too much sunlight could be damaging productivity. Here are some of the benefits of hiring a tint shop for your business.

It provides added security

A security film is necessary if your business resides in an area that’s prone to graffiti or violence. A good security film is bonded to the glass with heavy-duty silicon, giving it added strength and protection when something — or someone — tries to break through. While glass might break immediately when it is hit, a security film will provide crucial delays to an invader during a break-in attempt.

This is also an important addition to offices located near construction sites, highways, and areas that are prone to earthquakes. The added protection will ensure your employees aren’t hurt by broken glass.

It provides comfort

The harsh rays coming through the window can create a painful glare on the computer screens in your office. Solar films will still let in some solar light while protecting the vision of your employees and the longevity of your electronics. One study claims that a window film can decrease computer glare by over 50% but still manages to let 30 to 80% of light get through to the office.

A good window film will also block harmful UV rays that can hurt your employees. This is a great, cost-effective option to boost your employees’ comfort and productivity in one easy purchase.

It improves energy efficiency

Sunny open windows can raise the temperature in your office to uncomfortable levels. By installing solar film tinting on your windows, you’re actively blocking the harsh light streaming into your office; this not only stabilizes the temperature, making it more comfortable for your employees, but it lowers energy costs as well.

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