Why Are Used BMWs So Cheap?

BMWs are pricey when brand-new, but they become cheap after a few years of use for various reasons. Here are several explanations about how they get so inexpensive after only a few years to help you comprehend this situation if you’re considering purchasing one.
The oversupply of BMWs on the used market contributes to their low price. BMW lease returns are normally either sold at auction or offered for sale as certified pre-owned vehicles on dealer lots.

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Therefore, when dealer lots have plenty of these vehicles, it lowers their cost for dealerships and individual sellers.
A BMW’s service and maintenance costs are quite expensive, which is another factor contributing to its low barrier to entry. More specifically, it’s generally accepted that repair prices for BMWs, or any other used luxury model, can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars each time you need some maintenance or repair work done.
There is fierce competition from new BMW sales, another factor contributing to the affordability of used BMWs. Because of the incentives that make buying a new car more appealing, used car prices decrease to appeal to a larger pool of potential customers.

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