Need-to-Know Car Maintenance Basics

Owning a car can be a huge challenge, especially if you don’t know how to best maintain it. This video outlines a few basic things every motor vehicle owner should know.

Be sure to keep the reservoir of your car filled with all of the necessary liquids. These include wiper fluid, coolant, and oil. You will need to replace your windshields with a fresh set if yours are looking damaged or worn.

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Check your engine oil levels and be sure to conduct an oil change if the levels are low. Stick the dipstick in and wipe it out with a towel to read the level. Having too much oil is as damaging as having too little oil.

If the engine is low on lubricant, pour oil in to achieve a higher level of lubricant. Check the owner’s manual for specific details. Tires should be checked for optimal pressure during car maintenance. This can be done by removing the valve stem cap and ensuring it sits well to avoid inaccurate measurements.

Drivers should be able to change flat tires and install new ones. Reprogram the tire system to prolong their life. You should be able to jumpstart a vehicle with a dead battery.

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