How Parking Lot Line Stripes Are Painted

Striping lines on your parking lot is a great way to save money and improve your property’s appearance and safety. You only need some paint and a paint striping machine to paint parking lot line stripes. Here is how to do it.
You may use two ways to paint a new parking lot line stripe.

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The first is using a four-inch paint roller and manually painting over an already drawn chalk mark line. It is advised to use high-quality traffic paint to ensure durability.
The second alternative is to use a parking lot line machine which will save your back the trouble and make the line look neater. These machines can be used over any concrete or asphalt surface and are available in different sizes depending on the striping you plan on doing.
What you will need to paint a new parking lot line stripe is a chalk line, measuring tape, buckets of high-quality traffic paint, traffic cones, a toolbox, caution tape, several parking lot stencils, and a four-inch roller or line striping equipment.
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