Three Surprising Benefits of Car Floor Mats

Cars. Their tires track mud. Their tires track gravel. Hail and rain beats on them. They are dirty on the outside.

But also: Cars get equally dirty on the inside, not just from dirt and gravel. Bacteria, germs, and bugs all create an inhospitable environment in a car. This is where car mats come in.

Here are three surprising benefits of car floor mats.

One: Protection From Stains and Spills

You’re walking from a coffee shop. You have a large cup of coffee in your hands. Your hands are burning slightly from the heat of the coffee. You stop to get your keys, open the door. As you lean in to get into the car, the cup fumbles in your hand. The coffee slips, pouring out of the cup onto the seat and floor.

Coffee spills. Tracking mud. Bugs entering into the car.

These are all everyday situations that happen when a person enters their vehicle. Fortunately, there are solutions for this. One is the car mat.

Car mats are made out of carpet and rubber. Both protect a car’s floor from spills or tracked mud. They are easy to clean. They keep a floor free from debris, stains, and spills.

Trunk flooring is particularly suspect to debris and spills. Things can be moved in trunks. They have dirt and grime. Trunk flooring is designed to handle dirt and debris. But a mat can always help. Mats that cover trunk flooring can prevent stains and spills.

Two: Prevents Germs

You’re sitting in your car. You’re sniffling. You’re wiping your nose with a handkerchief. Your cheeks are red. You’re shivering. You may think: I have the flu. Why did this happen? You may not suspect that the problem is under your shoes.

The car is one of the filthiest places a person can be. A person tracks in dirt, mud, dust, sneezes, coughs, and vomits occasionally. Germs stack up, multiply, grow.

Your first defense? The car mat.

Car mats store up germs. All that mud and dirt accumulates on the car mat. Coughing, vomiting, sneezing, all create germs that filter into the bottom of the car. The easy fix?

Clean the car mat. Because it is detachable and because it retains the germs, spraying it with water (rubber) or washing it (carpet) removes the germs from the mat. The germs are eradicated and the car has that much fewer germs.

Three: Trapping Liquid

You’re walking down the street. A drop of wetness hits your head. You look up: Dark clouds looming. You make a run for your car. While it starts to rain, your feet get soaked. Your feet make little splash sounds. You pull out your keys, open the door.

And the water runs all the way down to the pedals.

Car flooring is slick, metal. Mats trap that water in so that the floors of the car do not become slippery. This is useful. Trying to drive with the floor of a car wet is like trying to drive on a slip-and-slide.

Mats protect. They trap water, and the pedals are available to be pressed without slippery conditions. A person can drive without the possibility of hitting the wrong pedal.

Those are three ways car mats protect cars. They keep a car clean, free of germs, and prevent water damage and slickness. Rubber or carpet. Choose the one that works for you.

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