Why Car Mats Can Be So Important

Auto flooring

Car floor mats are not something we think a lot about when purchasing a car or even our own current car. Do you even know if you have floor mats or car carpets? They’re more beneficial than you know. Auto carpets can go a long way in protecting the condition of your car if used properly. Often times, auto mats can get bunched up and tossed aside out of annoyance as they start to age and curl over. At this point, you should always replace them. Here are a few reasons why you should always have some sort of removable car flooring in your automobile:

  1. Floor Protection
    The main thing that floor mats do is protect the non removable carpet in your car. Replacing this carpet can be a hassle and sometimes pricey. Floor mats are fairly inexpensive and can block water, mud, dirt and spills from getting to the carpet. Floor mats can be abused with no thought to the value of the car.

  2. Easy to Clean
    This does go right along with the first point but floor mats are a lot easier to clean. You can just take them out and brush them off or vacuum if you want. If necessary, a quick rinse off or shampoo will get them good as new without the hassle of having to air out the car and being careful what kind of shampoo you use, etc, compared to if you were cleaning the actual carpets in your car. Once shampooed, the mats can be left out in the sun to dry and you never have to be concerned about mildew or mold growing from a car that wasn’t properly dried out before being shut up.

  3. Anti Slip Benefits
    Most floor mats
    have anti slip technology that involves rubber nubs on the underside of the mat. This helps to keep the mat in place and prevents slipping around. If the mat stays in place, it’s less likely that any kind of damage is going to get into the carpet but it also is much safer. Slipping mats can be dangerous when getting in and out of the car and can also hinder effective driving. If your mats are starting to slip, the rubber nubs may be wearing off and it could be time to get some new mats.

  4. Looks Better
    Something about having clean floor mats in your car just gives the car an overall finished look. Have you ever been in a car that doesn’t have mats? You can see the carpet and the patterns that were under the mats and it does have that ‘old car’ feel. While floor mats may not be essential to the functionality of your car, it can definitely make them look and feel a lot newer and in a lot better condition.

  5. Cover Old Stains
    If you didn’t buy the car new or you weren’t diligent about mats before, there’s a chance that the carpet of your car has some staining or spills already that have set in to the carpet and aren’t coming out. Throwing a good floor mat over that can make the car brand new again. If people see stains and dirt in your car, they are less likely to respect it and be careful with their own food and drinks. A car that looks like it’s in good condition by covering up old stains will show people that you care about your car and want them to respect it also.

If you don’t really care that much about your car then you may not care about mats. It’s true that they can start to be frustrating once they get older because of the slipping and the curling and the getting in the way. However, typically, a full set of car mats only costs about $20-$30 at any auto store. They can be cheaper or they can be pricier depending on the quality of the mats but this is the average range. As you can see, they are no investment. If you do not have mats, just try putting some in your car and see if it doesn’t make a difference to the feel of your car! You may be surprised at how much you really like having them.

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