Give Back With These Motorcycle Charity Events

Do you love to ride motorcycles? Do you also love to give to charities to help the underprivileged? If so, motorcycle charity events are for you. There are many different rides for both the experienced and the novice rider.

These events are open to everyone who loves biking and have a charitable nature. An eye doctor, business owner, general contractor, or housewife are all invited to attend these events. So engage a motor fuel delivery truck and join in the fun.

Unless you are ready for retirement living and prefer to spend your time on a custom golf cart, go riding. Hundreds of worthy charities will be grateful, and you will feel better for having participated. Continue reading to see how you can indulge your passion while helping someone less fortunate than yourself.

Motorcycle Charity Events #1 – Rolling Thunder

Whether you ride Harley Davidson or Kawasaki vehicles, getting involved in Rolling Thunder is a great way to support our military veterans. Their mission is to educate and never forget the service members that were forgotten after the Vietnam War. By way of the First Amendment Demonstration Run, the Rolling Thunder Washington, DC has evolved into a display of respect and patriotism for all who defend our country.

They first gathered in 1988. Motorcycle riders from around the nation and the world met in Pentagon parking lots and began riding in a designated route through the Mall area of Washington, DC. It is an opportunity to get reacquainted with old friends, meet new friends, pay respect at the memorials and participate in Memorial Day events. The event is a peaceful demonstration to bring awareness and accountability for the POWs and MIAs that have been left behind.

Rolling Thunder began its mission following the Vietnam War era, a difficult time in our history. Many of our military personnel were killed or missing in action (MIA). Their remains were not respectfully buried or returned to their loved ones as they should have been. They were reports of live prisoners of war (POW) still living who were left behind when the war ended.

In 1987, Vietnam War veteran Ray Manzo (CPL, USMC), disturbed by these facts, came to Washington DC with his idea. He organized a motorcycle demonstration to bring attention to the POW/MIA situation with other veterans’ help. Choosing Memorial Day weekend for the event, they envisioned the arrival of motorcycles coming across the Memorial Bridge sounding like “rolling thunder.”

The first run in 1988 had approximately 2,500 motorcycles and riders demanding that the U.S. government account for all POW/MIAs. It continues to grow each year and has become the world’s largest single-day motorcycle event.

It now has over a million combined spectators and riders, and has evolved into an emotional display of respect and patriotism for all who love and defend our country. Join them on Memorial Day in Washington, DC, if you feel the same.

Motorcycle Charity Events #2 – MDA Ride for Life

Adults and children in our communities are suffering every day from neuromuscular diseases such as muscular dystrophy, ALS, and related life-threatening diseases. Simple everyday tasks such as walking, getting dressed, and even breathing are difficult or even impossible for those suffering from these diseases. The Muscular Dystrophy Association is committed to providing funding for research, new treatments, care, and ensuring that families are connected with the services and support they need in their own towns.

There are many different events associated with the MDA Ride for Life. All event attendees, including the fundraisers, must register to attend. You can register in person at the local Harley Davidson dealer or register online. It is simple and easy, and when you are registered, you will receive emails regarding the event, so you will have all the information you need regarding the activities and sign-ups.

Help the bikers find a solution to these debilitating diseases. The afflicted will thank you, and you will feel better for having done your part while doing something you love.

Motorcycle Charity Events #3 – Tour of Honor

This event is a great excuse to ride the open road, honor the heroes of our nation, and contribute to some great charities. The event lasts an entire season and is a self-directed ride to monuments and memorials around the continental United States, Alaska, and Hawaii.

Beginning on April 1, with any route you choose, visit as many sites as you desire. This year will have a completely new list of memorial sites to visit, new roads, and new experiences for the avid motorcyclist. Trophies will be awarded to the first three riders to visit all the memorials in a region or state. Pins and finishers certificates will be provided to all who visit a minimum of seven state memorial sites. The “Jack Shoalmire Achievement Award” and free registration for 2022 will be given to the person visiting the most memorial sites during 2021.

Motorcycle Charity Events #4 – Ride for Kids

How far will you ride for a cure? This event, sponsored by Honda, has provided support to communities for tens of thousands of children across the United States. It has helped the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation raise more than $47 million for research, accelerating the road to a cure.

In 2021, Honda Powersports will celebrate 30 years with the Ride for Kids event. Thanks to Honda’s generosity and a new nationwide partnership with the REVER Motorcycle App, the community of riders can rally together this summer to raise funds for lifesaving research and support for family programs.

Motorcycle Charity Events #5 – Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Mayor’s Ride

Saturday, August 7, 2021, is the date for the Sturgis mayor’s 19th annual ride. Sturgis is thrilled to be holding the ride during the 81st annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. This ride is an important part of the event, with all proceeds from the ride donated to the area’s emergency services. The fantastic beauty of the Black Hills brings people together from all over the world year after year. If you don’t live close, you can always get a cargo van rental to travel and participate in this event.

Enjoy the ride through the Black Hills led by the Mayor of Sturgis and the 2021 Grand Marshal. There will be a morning ride with a stop at Mount Rushmore for a group photo and break. The ride then continues to Custer State Park and concludes at the State Game Lodge for lunch and a presentation by Mayor Carstensen and sponsors.

The participants will receive a souvenir pack, including a t-shirt from the ride, although size is not guaranteed after June 5. So bring your bike with the electronic locking system to Sturgis this summer and participate in the world-famous Sturgis motorcycle rally. It will benefit the City of Sturgis and keep the city safe so these rallies can continue.

Motorcycle Charity Events #6 – Virtual Rides

The IVHF Charity Virtual Bike Ride, sponsored by the Volleyball Hall of Fame, supports the history of volleyball and military kids. It is a fantastic way to get on the road and receive a pin commemorating the event while practicing social distancing! Sign up for the ride and help to give back to two great causes.

Every entry gets you an IVHF Charity pin along with donations made on your behalf to the International Volleyball Hall of Fame and Our Military Kids. The ride can take place anytime and anywhere. Complete the ride in your own neighborhood or favorite riding trail.

The official Ride and Run pin will be mailed three to four weeks after registering. After you finish your ride, share your accomplishment by posting pictures on social media. Wear your IVHF or volleyball shirt or your pin, and be sure to tag IVHF when you post your photos for the chance to win prizes!

Donate your Bike

If you’re looking for another way to use your motorcycle to help charity, consider donating it. You don’t need a freight carrier, most charities will pick up your bike for free, no matter its condition.

Kars4Kids keeps its process in-house. They do not use a middleman, which means a higher percentage of your donation helps kids. They have fast, free pickup. Your motorcycle can be picked up within 24 hours and sometimes on the same day. You can also save money on your taxes. If your motorcycle sells for more than $500, your receipt will be for the sale price. If not, you can claim the fair market value of the motorcycle up to $500. Your donation supports the youth and educational programs of the national nonprofit Kars4Kids and the sister charity Oorah.

Wheels for Wishes benefitting the Make-A-Wish Foundation will take your donation and put your old bike to good use.
While we know that speeding through busy city traffic or down empty country roads is the ultimate symbol of freedom, insurance can be expensive, motorcycles can be dangerous, and they can only be ridden in perfect weather. They are less expensive to buy and definitely more fun than a car. Don’t let your motorcycle sit idle in your garage. If it is time to move on, donate your bike to charity. They will tow your motorcycle free of charge, even if it doesn’t run. Wheels for Wishes will take your motorcycle donation in any condition.

Remember that your motorcycle donation is a tax-deductible contribution. As Wheels for Wishes, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, you receive the tax deduction most allowed for your donation. They will do all the paperwork, including the title transfer.

You don’t need to worry about selling the motorcycle if you no longer need it. You probably loved it and want to make sure it goes to the best buyer when the time comes to let it go. It can be stressful dealing with some people when trying to sell a vehicle, especially if you had an attachment.

The donation of your motorcycle helps local children. Nothing is better than the knowledge that your help will make life better for children in your community by donating all proceeds from your bike’s sale to local children’s charities.
Buying a motorcycle seems like a good idea at the time of purchase. But they can wind up being less practical than you first thought. For example, if you live anywhere in the north, you can only ride for a few months of the year. Then the bike ends up in storage or taking up valuable space in your garage. Many people buy motorcycles intending to reduce their fuel usage. Motorcycles are more fuel-efficient, but they are actually worse for the environment than a car. This has been proven by emission testing. Motorcycles actually produce more pollution than a car.

Yellow Ribbon Vehicles takes motorcycle donations to help Veterans. They will make the donation process easy. They are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that provides valuable services to Veterans, including emergency financial assistance for veterans reintegrating into society after being deployed, financial coaching or counseling, housing assistance, and education for making the home buying process easier to reduce the number of homeless veterans. They also offer employment assistance and training to help veterans find and retain employment. When you donate your unused or unneeded bike to Yellow Ribbon Vehicle, remember that your contribution is tax-deductible. Yellow Ribbon Vehicles use their vast network of vehicle auctioneers to maximize the value of your donated bike.

But no matter your reason for buying a motorcycle, people eventually realize that owning one is not as easy as they first thought. Vehicle donation is always an easy option. And with free towing, a tax deduction, and the ability to help children’s or other worthy charities, what could be better than a motorcycle donation to a worthy charity?

Remember that your philanthropic giving helps Veterans, children, people suffering from devastating illnesses, and others to live a better life. So join the ride and do good while doing what you love!

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