7 Things to Consider When Choosing a Paint Shop

Do you need to bring your car to an auto paint shop?

Painting a car is no easy task. Even with the right tools, it can be very hard to achieve the finish that you want. However, bringing your car to the wrong paint shop can cause stress and additional expenses too.

A good auto paint shop is not measured by whole-body paints only. They should be able to refinish rust spots or scratches on the chrome of your car as well.

One big qualifier of an ideal shop is that they should be able to chrome your bumper and wheels too. It saves you a lot of time and money compared to having to send parts off to another shop for chroming.

To help you further, here are X things that you should know when finding a shop to handle your car’s paint needs:

1. Prep Work Process

To achieve a beautiful look, the caliber of prep work is a crucial factor for every paint job. It helps to make sure that the paint stays where it should – no messy paints on other parts that don’t need the color.

As a standard, door handles, grilles, and even headlights should be removed before the actual paint process. However, you need to make sure that the shop does so properly. Even if the shop was able to deliver the color you desire, seeing paint sprayed over on your headlights or door handle can ruin your vehicle’s look.

2. Chrome Parts Handling

Not all paint shops can handle chroming. They’d usually send it to other shops that have the equipment to chrome car parts. If you want chrome plating for your car, the ideal choice would be a shop that can do this.

If in case the shops you’re shortlisted don’t have this capability, you can still ask around if the auto shop they’re sending chrome requests to is veritable. But if you want opinions from actual customers, you can always check online. In the next section, we’ll go deeper about using the internet for this.

3. Shop Reputation

Take the time to do some research before bringing in your car. Use the internet to check for online reviews. Checking the paint shop’s website will allow you to see testimonials and previous projects they’ve worked on.

While a shop’s website can help you get an overview of their services even before you bring your car, we recommend that you check reviews as well. Go to other social media platforms such as their FB page. Existing clients will usually leave their honest experiences with these shops. You can even ask other customers online if you have any specific questions.

4. Quality of Materials

Shops with a good reputation always use the best paint materials. Their specific choice of paint materials affects their quality of work. From paints colors to chrome spray paint, they should be using materials that don’t fade out and creates an excellent finish.

If you’re not familiar with the paint materials they’re using, you can check online if these paints have good reviews.

5. Qualification of Technicians

Training and certifications are what you should look for when assessing the shop’s technicians. You’ll usually find specifics on these from their websites. You’ll feel more confident and at ease if you know that your car will be handled by qualified workers.

6. Quality of Equipment

A car paint shop that’s committed to bringing superior service to its customers invests in high-quality equipment. It shows their dedication to giving their customers the results that they want. However, a shop with premium equipment but with dirty workspace defeats its purpose.

7. Service Warranty

Another characteristic that a shop is sure about they do is the warranty. They ensure their customers are always satisfied and offer a warranty if something’s not right with the paint job. Prioritize shops that over service warranty to protect your investment and your car. If you consider the cost of a paint job, this is an important factor that you should always consider.

Take Your Car to a Qualified Paint Shop

Use these seven items as your criteria in choosing the right car paint shop Chicago and other states can offer. With careful consideration, you’ll be able to achieve the look that you want for your vehicle with no stress.

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