Commercial Electric Car Charging Stations The Much Needed Infrastructure

The coronavirus pandemic has drastically reshaped human lives in major and subtle ways. And with countries coming to terms with the new normal and slowly emerging from lockdown, market and technological trends that were there before the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic will most likely scale-up. We look at the possibility of a rapid electric vehicle (EV) rollout around the world as consumer’s interests change with a more environmentally conscious and youthful society controlling the market demands.

Certainly, the global electric vehicle technology has attracted major industrial players heavily investing in a yet untapped market for EV charging stations. The older version of electric vehicles didn’t offer much to be desired for in terms of speed and capability, but that has changed with newer electric cars bringing much-needed competition that would outdo many gasoline cars.

With the rapid adoption of electric cars and the penetration of EV stations, oil and gas companies might have got a shiver realizing that their days are number, which meant the end of business for them. These fossil fuel companies, however, are not leaving anything to chance and, apparently, they are considering integrating commercial electric car charging stations at fuel stations.

Meanwhile, the leading automobile companies have been developing electric cars and, unlike before, they are taking production seriously because of the availability of infrastructure. Currently, there is already a significant penetration of EV stations in many other countries in the world. And going by the trend now, it’s just a matter of time we the city gets dotted with more.

Another key element for consideration with electric vehicles is the battery. This has been the biggest challenge in ensuring electric cars can drive for a long distance without a recharge. But as we speak there are major strides that have been made in developing smart battery technology. This is a key selling point for EVs, but it’s unfortunate that it has taken really long for the idea to be accepted by the public, which can be partly blamed on the government and the industry players. Their work is to ensure the infrastructure is there for any electric car user to accessibly and conveniently recharge.

Also, the perception by the public that electric vehicles would not be the best choice had made people overlook the need to own one. The world is, however, waking up to the realization and civilization of electric vehicles spurring its growth beyond that of automatic cars. On that automatic note, this technology makes a lot of sense as it allows the integration of electronics into vehicles for more autonomy. We are now seeing self-driving electric vehicles and trucks. This piece of technology is still young and more innovations can be made in years to come even as more EV stations and other charging infrastructure become widespread.

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