10 Crazy Easy and Essential Mechanic Tips 1,732,301 viewsSep 11, 2019

This video gives some vital information for non-professional mechanics, shade tree mechanics, and DIY people. The first tip the mechanic has regarding auto repairs is for the DIYer never to get himself or herself stuck in a box. Sometimes, it’s wise to step back and grab a very long 3/8 extension to get a bolt that seems difficult to reach.

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The second tip he gives is to grab a rubber mallet and bang by the fuel pump if the fuel pump is dying. That trick will get the car running and get the person home in most cases. The way a driver can tell if his or her fuel pump is going bad is that it will not make a little buzzing noise when the car first starts.

Another tip is for people who can’t seem to get their sockets into a space far enough to remove a bolt or nut. Sometimes, that happens because there’s dirt and debris around the bolt. The mechanic should never try to remove such a bolt without having the socket around it to a full depth. That will cause the bolt to strip. The best way to handle that is to clean around the bolt with a screwdriver first and then insert the socket.

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