Tips for Repairing a Steering Wheel Youself

Every time you use your car, you have to grab your steering wheel. After thousands of touches, you may notice some discoloration or damage to that steering wheel. Even though these damages may be cosmetic, it’s still a smart idea to do steering repair. It could prevent any further, more serious damages from occurring.

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In this video, you will learn some basic DIY tricks to fixing these minor issues on your steering wheel. The discoloration you see on the steering wheel tends to be from the oils on your hands. Whether it be natural oils or lotion, the moisture from those oils damages the outside of the steering wheel pretty easily.

This video only deals with minor damages to your steering wheel that may only need sanding. If you are experiencing more major damage to your steering wheel, it’s a good idea to contact a professional. But, to fix this issue, you will want to get sanding paper. Before sanding, you should clean the surface just to make sure you actually need to sand.

Continue watching the video to learn how to clean and repair a slightly damaged steering wheel today. Remember, if it’s a serious issue, contact a mechanic!

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