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  • Understanding Auto Body Repair

    Understanding Auto Body Repair

    This video takes you through the basics of auto body repair. If you own or operate an auto body shop, this is a great video to watch as a skill refresher. You might even learn something new, as the host has 43 years of experience! An auto body shop team needs all of its team […]

  • Top Tips for Buying a Reefer Trailer

    Top Tips for Buying a Reefer Trailer

    Everything you need to know before you buy your next reefer trailer is conveniently arranged into a single video package for quick and easy review. If you’re looking for new or used reefer trailers, this is a video that you do not want to skip over and will definitely want to watch from start to […]

  • 10 Crazy Easy and Essential Mechanic Tips 1,732,301 viewsSep 11, 2019

    10 Crazy Easy and Essential Mechanic Tips 1,732,301 viewsSep 11, 2019

    This video gives some vital information for non-professional mechanics, shade tree mechanics, and DIY people. The first tip the mechanic has regarding auto repairs is for the DIYer never to get himself or herself stuck in a box. Sometimes, it’s wise to step back and grab a very long 3/8 extension to get a bolt […]

  • Do I Buy a New Car or Repair It?

    Do I Buy a New Car or Repair It?

    To buy a new car or repair the old one? That’s the question on the minds of many drivers who worry about safety, new features, vehicle damage, and cost. From making sure your vehicle gets you to your destination to upgrading to a new model simply for aesthetics, the number of choices you have to […]

  • Copper Tips for Scrapping

    Copper Tips for Scrapping

    In this video, you will learn about car scrapping. The information on copper scrapping is pretty scattered. Copper is a very precious metal that can be recycled an unlimited amount of times without degrading. Video Source This makes it extremely valuable as a car material. Copper is actually very interesting because it does not react […]

  • 3 Reasons You Should Keep up With Your Vehicle’s Maintenance Services

    Nowadays, it seems like anyone is an expert when it comes to auto repair. My neighbor down the street is often in his garage working on his car, but within miles from home, there are a bunch of autos repair shops. With plenty of options to choose from, and everyone self-positioning themselves as the most […]

  • How to Pick the Best Shop for Your Auto Body Repair Services

    Estimates and the quality of work done varies wildly from one body shop to another. You might get a $2,000 quote from one shop and an estimate of $500 only from another one. While cost certainly plays a significant part in auto body repair services you should avail of, there are other factors. Taking a […]

  • Comparing Insurance Quotes

    Comparing Insurance Quotes

    Some customers have particularly high auto insurance bills, and they might assume that the entire industry will have similar auto insurance rates. However, there are comparatively affordable auto insurance companies. The people who are spending lots of money on car insurance may benefit from getting different affordable quotes. Switching to different insurance companies can help […]

  • Its Time to Upgrade Your Garage

    Its Time to Upgrade Your Garage

    Too much stuff taking up your car park space? Perhaps, you have to deal with a broken garage door and dirty floors every morning when you go out. Neglecting your garage can be bad even for commercial property. But for a residential property that’s looking to sell, a rundown garage can turn away potential buyers. […]

  • EV Charging Station for Your Multi Family Property

    Hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles are in high demand. There are about 40 different models of electric cars and hybrids out there. There are some interesting demographics about people that are buying electric vehicles that may persuade you that you need an apartment EV charging station to attract highly qualified tenants. There are about 20,000 […]