5 of the Most Common Auto Repairs

Did you know that more than $60 billion worth of auto repairs and maintenance goes unperformed each year? Whether it’s because the vehicle owner doesn’t know anything is wrong or is too careless to get it fixed, there are a lot of vehicles on today’s roads in need of maintenance. So to help ensure your car or truck is in the best condition possible, this article is going to discuss a few of the most common auto repairs that are done regularly.

Oil changes: Perhaps one of the most common maintenance tasks vehicles receive is an oil change. Cars need oil changes regularly to keep the engine running smoothly. When the oil goes unchanged, debris can easily build up within the oil, which can cause issues in the engine and make the car have to work harder to run properly.

Tire rotation: To make sure your tires aren’t wearing unevenly, you should have them rotated. Rotating your tires can help ensure your car is sitting evenly — otherwise, an unnecessary strain may be put on your wheels and other parts. Tires also may need to be aligned or balanced to ensure proper handling.

Brake work: The brake system is one of the most important components of a vehicle — which means it needs to be maintained properly. Brake pads, rotors, and calipers should be replaced as needed and the fluid should be replaced as well. More extensive brake work may involve the brake lines or rotor repair.

Spark plug replacement: Spark plugs are responsible for helping the engine start by igniting the fuel. So without working spark plugs, your car isn’t going to start. And while spark plug replacement is a relatively easy car repair task, they can cause issues if they’re installed incorrectly.

Electrical work: Light bulbs and fuses can go out in your car, just like they can in a house. While the lights in your car don’t deter the car from running if they go out, they do play an important role. Headlights ensure you can see while driving at night — and help you avoid a ticket. So if a light or fuse blows in your car, it’s important to get it fixed sooner rather than later.

Auto repairs can vary greatly — some are quick and easy while others may require the car to be in the shop for a few days. But no matter what the repair is, make sure you find a reputable mechanic to get the job done right.

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