Combining Snow Plows and GPS Tracking

Fire up your favorite web browser and use you preferred search engine and search “gps vehicle tracker Canada” and you will find a plethora of uses for a GPS. But what is a GPS? What unites vehicles with gps tracking?

What is GPS?

GPS devices hone in on your location with satellite technology and tell you where you are relative to the surrounding land.

Imagine you are hiking in the woods and you accidentally find yourself in a location you are unfamiliar with. If you are not familiar with the cardinal directions then you are not going to have much luck using the sun for navigation. What if the sun has set? Then you will need navigational experience with the stars. In this example, a gps device would save your life.

Applications Beyond Personal

Knowing the exact location of something in real time extends past a personal map for yourself. What if you could locate other things like your vehicle? It would have been incredibly helpful for individuals that had their vehicles stolen back in 2012 all through 2014; as many as 126,603 were, unfortunately, taken due to car keys being left inside. If only they had searched “gps vehicle tracker Canada” and saw the applications and use for a gps. It can save you a headache to install a GPS in your vehicle, considering they have been introduced to vehicles as far back as 1996.

But even past that, if you search “gps vehicle tracker Canada” you will notice snow removal trucks use gps to keep track of employees.

Powerful Companion of Snow Removal Trucks

If you have been living under a rock, Canada gets quite a bit of snow. A lot. It is important that snow be plowed frequently or else Canada would probably be underneath snow. In fact, back in 1999, Canada experience over 4 feet of snow in Tahtsa and British Columbia in just a single day.

This goes to show that snow removal trucks have a big role to play in Canada. Montreal, for example, sends out 172 vehicles for road clearing and 188 for sidewalk clearing. And their impressive track record shows 7 inches of snowfall can be removed in less than five days, but take 5 days on average if the snowfall hits an entire foot.

This kind of track record can only be achieved through real time planning. Assigning specific routes to employees is fine and it works. However, what if one road or several can’t be done yet or require attention from more than one person? So, you access a vehicle’s GPS location and send out employees in the vicinity for backup.

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