steps to Finding Car Financing with Bad Credit

There are times people get an itch for a new car, however that itch can quickly change when they see that the typical price of a brand new car is over $35,000. This price alone leaves anyone with bad credit certain that they will never qualify for a car loan for that amount. This is when searches for used car dealerships come in handy for individuals. Three fourths of all auto sales in the U.S. involve used cars and typically those looking for a used car try to stay within the $5,000 or less range. This range allows many to qualify even those with less than perfect credit. Getting a bad credit auto loan can be tricky for some, but knowing where to go and what to look for can help you get into the vehicle that you want.

Vehicle Search

Before you start searching for places that will give you a loan with bad credit, it might be a good idea to find the type of car that you want. Search for cars that match your wants and desires. Consider whether you need two doors or four doors. Consider how many miles you want the car to have. Consider whether you want a manual transmission or an automatic transmission. Consider what you want in a new car before beginning your search.

Car Dealers

This one is going to be an important step. Call around to the local car dealerships to see if they offer a bad credit auto loan or if they offer financing for those with bad credit. This is going to help you see which dealerships are worth going to and which ones are not. Make a list of dealerships that are willing to work with your credit and offer financing for your vehicle. Once you know which dealerships are willing to work with you then you can start checking out their inventory.

Credit Check

There are some dealerships that will run your credit in order to get financing for the vehicle that you want. There are other dealerships that are willing to allow you to buy a car from them and pay them for the vehicle. These payment are typically every two weeks and these establishments are more popularly known as a tote-the-note dealership. These dealerships are incredibly helpful for getting those with bad credit into a car they can drive back and forth to work.

No matter how awful your credit is, you can still get a bad credit auto loan if you know where to look. If you know where to go it can make the entire process much easier on you. Just because you are suffering from bad credit doesn’t mean you can’t have a nice car.

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