What to Watch Out For When Looking for an Auto Body Shop

There are an estimated 59,781 auto repair shops in America. Unfortunately, not all of them operate to give you the best repair at the best price. Auto mechanic Scotty Kilmer lists how you can spot a bad auto body shop.

The first sign of bad auto body shops is that they will not give you a written estimate of how much the work is going to cost. The employees put off your attempts to get one.

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If you do not get a written estimate within a day, take your car elsewhere.

Another sign of a bad body shop is that the employees treat you rudely. They ignore your questions. They rant about how all other body shops are scammers. They do not return phone calls. They may even be closed during hours when they advertised that they would be open.

The Internet is a great place to find out about bad auto body shops. Search for online reviews of your prospective auto body shop. Concentrate on the most recent reviews, since they will be most reflective of how the auto body shop is currently running. Also, check the website of your state’s Better Business Bureau. If there are a lot of complaints, it’s time to look for another body shop.

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