Teen Cancer Survivor Starts Charity Food Truck

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Many children battle cancer, some survive and some cannot handle the intense multiple surgeries they have to undergo and eventually give in. Lucas was fortunate to end up as a survivor who gets to nitrate his life on his terms. In Teen Cancer Survivor Starts Charity Food Truck, we get to witness a miracle who was able to fight all odds stacked against him and survived cancer. He hasn’t only been able to beat cancer but he has also decided to give back to other children who are fighting for another chance at life. He is the definition of what grabbing the bull by the horns means. Even though he is in remission and may still not be up to his full strength, he has been working extra hard in the kitchen preparing delicious meals with the help of hIs dear father to comfort other children who are still very sick.

This teenage boy is an inspiration to many because he has started a foundation that helps out children and their families when they are unable to afford the sometimes insurmountable fees that pile up when a person is undergoing chemotherapy. Through his passion for food that he had way before his diagnosis, he has been able to change lives with his food truck and he still hopes that he can change more lives in the future because his goal is to grow his foundation to reach new and esteemed heights. He believes that helping others is a generous act that should be continuing. He wouldn’t have had the means to start his business and help so many families if it hadn’t been for the amount of money that Rachel Ray donated to him, this is why he believes in paying it forward to create a better world for all especially children that are diagnosed with cancer.

He may not be as energetic as he once was but he is hopeful that the state of his health will improve soon, he will raise enough money to buy used truck parts needed to enhance his food truck, and then he will be able to take his business to different parts of the city to reach new customers and raise more money that will fund his foundation. Donations to his foundation are open and welcomed by him and his family. For now, he and his father are doing all that they can to better the lives of the families who have children that are fighting cancer and those that are survivors like he is.

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