What Exactly Are Electric Trailer Brake Controllers?

Hydraulic trailer brakes

Have you recently purchased a trailer that you can connect to your truck and haul everywhere? Well, you may need to know a little about these electric trailer brakes. Essentially these brakes help with your tow vehicleandrsquo;s brake system by activating the electric or electric-over-hydraulic brakes that will help with stopping the vehicle from going too quickly.

Two Types of Electric Trailer Brake Controllers

There are currently two types of brake controller brakes you can own. The firs brake controller is known as a proportional brake controller and the other a time-delayed brake controller.

  • Proportional Brake Controller andndash; When it comes to offering innovation and electronic sway control, you will love this proportional brake controller. These brake controllers are able to sense that your truck is slowing or stopping. This then applies the trailerandrsquo;s brakes using the same intensity rate as detected by the truck.If you slam on your proportional electric trailer brake controllers, they will slam on the brakes for the trailer at the same rate and intensity. It gives you the best trailer brake control you can get from any company. This is also the best way to prevent your trailer from swaying around. It offers an even stop, which can be problematic for the time-delayed brake controller.
  • Time-Delayed Brake Controller andndash; These electric trailer brake controllers are slightly different from the former. These active the brakes in your trailer using a power out and rate of application. These are both determined by you and your settings. The delay time between your truck and when your trailer stops will be determined by the time the controller reaches maximum output to the electric trailer brakes.This means you have to constantly adjust the sync settings per trip and per user to make sure they are fit correctly. These brakes are great for commuters doing the same trip, so this way they don’t have to adjust any of the settings. These settings can be difficult to keep readjusting and are just time-consuming.

The Proportional Brakes are the Better Brakes

When it comes to selecting your electric trailer brake controllers, you want one that you know is reliably going to stop your trailer at the same time as your truck. Failure to do so can cause a trailer to swerve off the road, causing damage to everyone around you. Selecting a proportional brake controller may be the ideal option for you. You want to have reliable electronic brake controller services provided to you.

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