Want to Keep Your Car Running Well Longer? Follow These 5 Tips

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If you have a car, you want to keep in on the road longer. Not taking care of used cars is bad for the economy. The United States economy loses more than $2 billion every year when people do not properly maintain their cars. Experts at Ford Dealers recommend the following tips to keep cars running smoothly.

1. Your car has a maintenance schedule, you should stick to it.

There are always manufactured recommended maintenance schedules for the cars they make. When you buy your car, talk to the car dealership about what is recommended for the make and model of your car. Ford dealers like to remind people that there should be a schedule for maintenance in the owner’s manual.

Many people do not read the owner’s manual that came with their vehicles but all new and used cars come with them. It is always worth it to at least look at the car’s owner’s manual to get a sense of how often it should be taken for things like oil changes, tire rotation and the like.

2. Keep an eye on your fluid levels and tire pressure.

This should take you no longer than ten minutes. Wait until your car engine has cooled off, grab a rag and pull out the dipstick from the engine. Wipe it with the rag, insert it back into your oil and check to see what the level is. Your is the most important fluid in your car.

Check your radiator overflow reservoir, power steering fluid and brake fluid. While you are looking at the levels of your various fluids, you can also take some time to check the status of your belts and hoses for signs of undue wear and tear. Afterwards, start your car back up and then take a look at your transmission fluid.

If you can, you should do this once a week. If you are not able to do that, you should do it once a month. A little maintenance goes a long way.

3. Try to drive in a relaxed state of mind.

When you are driving, there are things you can do to extend the life of your car, say the people at the Ford dealer. Be calm, cool and collected when you are driving and this will translate into being softer when you apply the breaks and accelerating more gradually. Both of these things are better for your car or truck than riding around like Jeff Gordon.

If you have a manual transmission, you should take it a little easier on your hears when you are shifting. Pre owned cars will last a lot longer when you treat the gears better. Even used trucks and cars with automatic transmissions can be helped by some good care. Whenever you are moving from drive to reverse or vice versa, you should do so when the vehicle is stopped.

4. Pay attention to your car.

When you are driving, every now and again, drive without the sound system being on. Listen for strange noises. If you hear a clicking, you should check your tires and make sure there is not a nail stuck in one of them. Sometimes weather can make brakes squeak. If you notice any grinding noises when you are braking, you need to have that checked out as it can indicate some real problems with the braking system. Anytime you hear a noise that does not sound right but you are not sure where it is coming from, you should talk to your mechanic.

5. Be slow when you start up your car.

Give your car a few minutes when you first start it up. You do not want to start it up and then hit the gas pedal with all you’ve got, say people at the Ford dealer. When your car sits for a long time (four or five hours is long to a car), the oil drains from the engine. It takes a few seconds to get some back into the system. Give your car a chance to warm up.

If you are like most Americans, you want to keep your car running as long as possible. These tips will help you achieve that goal.


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