Unleashing Your Inner Grease Monkey How to Turn a Profit from Used Cars

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They say that a vehicle is the worst investment one can make; as soon as one drives a new vehicle off of the lot it begins to depreciate. While this may be the case, there are enough grease monkeys around the world that are able to turn a profit from used cars with a little bit of TLC. Unfortunately, vehicle negligence around the country costs the economy over $2 billion each year; here are some ways to keep your used cars running at peek performance to make the most out of what too many consider to be a bad investment.

Keep the Wheels Spinning

When asking what part of the vehicle is the most important, most experts are keen to say everything with the exception of the radio. A vehicle is a machine that is no better than the sum of its parts; needless to say a vehicle won’t perform if it doesn’t have wheels. Used car owners should take extra care to ensure that their tires are in top condition. Investing in some new tires could be a major waste of money if the owner doesn’t keep up with a proper tire rotation every 7,500 miles and re-checking the alignment every 6,000 miles. Being able to go is just as important as a vehicle’s ability to stop; brakes typically last from 25,000 to 50,000 miles and naturally can go a long way to prevent unnecessary body damage from collisions!

Oiling Up

There are too many vehicle owners guilty of putting off an oil change. A lot of this has to do with the changes in oil technology seen over the last 30 years, as this makes the typical 3,000 mile oil change unnecessary in most vehicles. As a rule of thumb there is no rule of thumb; a quick search online will reveal a vast expanse of contradictory information regarding oil changes. Always refer to the owner manual of used cars to determine the recommended type of oil and the proper oil change interval to keep the engine running at optimal efficiency.

Spit Shine

The expression, “beauty is only skin deep” applies to people, not cars. Restorative work is an expense that many sellers of used cars forgo when it comes time to sell. By taking measures to protect the paint job of a used car, owners can make a considerable profit when it comes time to resell. Experts recommend using a wax coat at least twice a year to protect a vehicle’s finish from contaminates and oxidization. If bought from a dealership, some used vehicles may have an extra protection package at the time of purchase — do yourself a favor and do not think of this as a permanent solution to maintaining a vehicle’s exterior. By keeping up with these key components vehicle owners can cut down on repair costs and potentially make a profit from used cars if they have the know-how for it!

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