Tips to Make Your Car Buying Experience Easier

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Are you looking for a new car? Most cars that are on the road today are about 11 years old. If you find yourself looking for a new car, you may have questions about the best way to do it. Should you go to dealerships or buy online? While more people are buying online and from other sources, approximately 84% of all car buyers say they prefer to make that purchase in person. Here are some tips to help your experience with a car dealer, individual or other entity easier.

Tips to Make Your Car Buying Experience Easier:

  • Set your budget and then stick to it. Before you set out for a visit with your friendly, local car dealer, sit down with your finances and look at what you can spend. Remember to factor in things like insurance, registration and other fees. This can both help you get the right vahicle for you, your family and your situation without blowing your savings but will help the people at the car dealerships you visit narrow down your search. Just make sure you stick to your budget. Do not let the salesperson sell you a car that is not in your price range.
  • Find out what your financing options are before you go to the car dealer. Talk to your bank or credit union. If you have a mortgage or have used the same bank for a very long time, they may be able to offer you really good financing on a new or used car. You will get to the dealership in a much stronger position if you already have financing lined up for whatever car you decide to get.
  • Talk to your friends and family. Has anyone you know bought a car recently? Where did they go? It is always worth asking around to see what kinds of experiences the people you know have had buying a car. They may know a great car dealer who helped them. They may also have had a bad experience and you can possibly avoid going to that person or auto dealer. You can also check sites like Yelp and Facebook.
  • Decide what kind of car or vehicle you want (or need). What are your drving habits? Do you use your car mostly for work? Do you drive a lot or have a long commute? How big is your family? If you live in an urban environment, you may want a smaller car that is easier to park. If you live out in the country or have a large family, you may need something bigger. Think about how you use your car and that can determine what kind of car you should get.
  • Do some research before you go to the car dealer. Have some ideas about what kind of car you want to get before you go to a dealer. This way you can narrow your search and when you know something about the kind of car you want to buy, you are in a better position to ask the right questions about all of the cars in the lot.
  • Do you want a new or used car? You may be able to get a bit more “bang for your buck” if you go for used cars over new ones. Think about the amenities and features that are “must haves” for you and your family and you may find a pre-owned car is better for you and your budget.
  • Try out the cars you think you like before you buy one. One great thing about going to a car dealer is that they have a large inventory. Take advantage of the test drives to check out a few makes and models. Cars that look great on paper may not be as easy to handle and others that may not seem so great can be a lot more comfortable. Remember, you really do not know what a car feels liks until you have a chance to sit in it.

Buying a car is a big decision but it does not have to be painful. It should be a fun experience. Try to enjoy trying out different cars and looking at your different options. Follow these tips to make your experience easier.

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