Need a New Ride? Pump the Brakes First and Consider This

Used car

When you are in the market for a new vehicle, things can get overwhelming very quickly. How big should the vehicle be? What all will you be using it for? What kind of gas mileage should it be getting? How much does the look of the car matter to you? What features do you absolutely need to have included in your new ride? Should you get something brand new or just new to you, with some miles on it already? Can you handle driving a stick shift or do you need or prefer an automatic? The questions go on and on, and are almost enough to make you want to just walk everywhere. But that probably is not a feasible option.

Getting a little guidance from a local Chevy dealer

About 43% of consumers view a car dealership as a place to get educated about the kind of car that might best suit them. Of course, auto dealers are going to want to make a sale, but the good ones — the smart ones — are going to put in the time to help you learn what you need to learn so that you can feel confident that you are making the perfect purchase. And if they put in that time and patience, chances are you will probably be making your purchase from them, so it works out for everybody. Heading to a local Chevy dealer is a good place to start, as the well known name instills a sense of trust that you will be talking to a knowledgable individual. But even after you find yourself at your local Chevy dealership, you will still want to keep in mind all of the things that you will want to cross off your checklist of desired characteristics in your new wheels.

Make a shopping plan and stick to it
At the current rate of technological advancement in regards to automotive applications, there are so many new things that cars can do and come equipped with that the very first car owners could scarcely dream of. Knowing this, it is important not to get sidetracked with fancy accessories that are not essential to your driving experience. This is why it is important to visit a dealership or two (or more!) to gather information first, before you are actually ready to commit to making an actual purchase. Take a friend with you as a sounding board or as a buying deterrent, if you think you might make a hasty decision. About 84% of consumers said that they would want to buy their new vehicle in person, which makes sense. It is hard to see what all a car, truck, or van has to offer just by scrolling through a web page.

Focusing on what you need

Once you are confident that you are not going to be buying a vehicle too soon, you can start to explore all of those fancy new gadgets, accessories, and features that the latest technology has made possible, and decide what you need and what would be nice but might not fit into your budget. For example, one of the new, popular features in cars, preferred by 33% and growing as it becomes more widespread, is the night vision feature. Of course, it sounds impressive and pretty incredible to most people, but if you don’t do a lot of driving at night, or you don’t really have problems driving in the dark, you might be able to forgo the night vision. On the other hand, if your job finds you on the road into the night hours, or you are inclined to taking road trips that could get lengthy, the night vision might be a wise investment.

You are about to spend a pretty significant pile of money on something that you want to be reliable, comfortable, and fits your personal style. Heading to a Chevy dealer is a good place to start.

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