The 7 Benefits of Spray on Bedliners

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Americans love their trucks. More than 1.6 million pickup trucks were sold around the United States in 2012. In August 2015, the sales of American pick up trucks rose by 8%. One in eight vehicle sales were full sized pick up trucks. The top manufactures of trucks in the United States are Ford, General Motors and Chrysler. These three truck manufacturers account for more than 90% of truck sales around the country. Given how much people love their trucks, getting the right truck bedliners is an important thing that needs to be done. Here are some reasons to pick spray on bedliners over the other options.

  1. Spray on bedliers will fit trucks of any and all sizes. There are three kinds of bedliners that are used to protect truck beds in the United States. There are the spray on bedliers, carpet liners and drop in bedliners. The latter two are manufactured in several sizes. Trucks also come in several sizes. The standard truck has an eight foot truck bed length. People can get trucks that are either 5.5 or 6.4 feet long. If you have an older truck or a truck that has been custom built for you, there is a decent chance that you will not be able to get a carpet bedliner or a drop in bedliner that fits your truck bed. Spray on bedliners fit any size truck because of the fact that you just spray on the material.
  2. Spray on bediners will not move or shift. Another issue that people have with carpet bedliners and drop in bedliners is that they can move or shift once they have been installed in a truck bed. This can scratch the surface of the truck bed. It can also leave sections of the surface of the truck bed unprotected. It can then be vulnerable to damage by the elements such as rain and sun. When you apply a spray on bedliner, you know that there will be no movement or slippage. Your entire truck bed is safe and secure. This is important because when you have a bedliner that can move, you have to keep a close eye on the truck bed.
  3. Spray on bedliners are not vulnerable to the same kind of damage. Both carpet bedliners and drop in liners can be damaged in ways that are not possible for spray on truck liners. The former liners can be ripped or can crack. This can mean that moisture is able to accumulate under the liner. This leads to the corrosion and rust that was supposed to be prevented by the bedliner. When you apply a spray on bedliner, you do not have any of these issues because the seal it makes is air tight.
  4. Spray on bedliners let you get the look you want. Most of the time, carpet bedliners and drop in bedliners only come in black. When you go for a spray on bedliner, you mix the resin so that you cna get whatever color you want.
  5. Spray on bedliners are easy to maintain. While dirt and dust can accumulate under a carpet bedliner or a drop in bedliner and that can cause problems. This is not possible with spray on bedliners. That means they require almost zero in the way of maintenance. That makes this a very popular option for many people who own trucks. It is one less thing they have to worry about when it comes to truck maintenance.
  6. Spray on liners are easy to apply. Just about anyone with wire tape can apply a spray on bedliner to their truck bed. The application process basically consists of cleaning and sanding the truck bed, applying the wiretrim edge cutting tape, spraying on the bedliner, letting it dry and then removing the wiretrim tape. This is a very easy and simple process that can be completed by just about anyone. The process takes some patience but not much else in the way of skill.

Everyone who owns a truck wants to do everything they can to protect it. Keeping the truck bed safe and secure is a big part of that. Finding the right bedliner is a big key to this as well. Spray on bedliners do a lot to protect trucks

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