Ignition Interlock Devices, Calling a Cab, and Calling a Friend Can All Prevent You From Drunk Driving

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Drunk driving continues to be an epidemic in the U.S. and it looks like it will be until we all can put an end to this horrible decision being made by far too many people.

We have to all do our part to stop impaired driving and the first thing we have to acknowledge is that it’s a real thing that is affecting all of us. At any moment, our lives can be drastically changed at the hands of a drunk driver, no matter who behind the wheel. There is a perception out there that the only people who drunk drive are the scum of the earth because it’s such a heinous act. That’s true, it’s a horrible thing to do, but it isn’t true that it’s reserved to only the world’s worst criminals. It can be your neighbor, it can be your best friend, it can be your mother, and, if you put alcohol into your system and your decision-making skills are affected, it can be you.

Once we change the way we think about this very realistic horrible occurrence, we can hopefully start combating it by any means possible.

Ignition Interlock Devices

If you seriously have a problem or believe you are susceptible to having a horrible decision that could cost someone their life, don’t risk it. It’s time for you to take action before someone gets hurt. You can find an interlock cup for sale that will change your life for the better. It’ll change your life by not having you ruin your own by making the decision to drive impaired. Find an interlock cup for sale that won’t cause anyone to make false assumptions of you, because if you’re doing this before any issues, you’re being extremely proactive about a dangerous situation and that’s admirable. But it’s understandable that you wouldn’t want to talk about why it’s there. So find an interlock cup for sale that’s inconspicuous.

Ride Sharing Services

The worst part about drunk driving is that it’s so unnecessary, yet still happens all the time. People are so attached to their cars based solely on convenience, that they would rather drive drunk than leave their vehicle at a restaurant for the night. It’s time to realize that no matter where you are, you can leave your car there and simply go and get it the following morning. Don’t be stupid. Call a taxi, an Uber, or take the bus. Whatever you do — don’t drive drunk.

Lastly, don’t think that calling anyone and asking for their help isn’t an option. Even if it’s 4a.m. and the person you’re calling has to work in two hours, make the call. Even though they will be mad at you, it’ll pale in comparison to how angry they will be if you drive drunk.

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