Self Storage Units Provide both Temporary and Long Term Storage

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As their freshman year in college started to wind down, their parents started thinking moving the seven athletes out of the dorm for the summer. The team of seven gymnasts were from several locations throughout the country. The closet were three hours from home. Two of the girls were from 12 hours away. Moving their dorm furniture home in May, only to have to move it back 10 weeks later did not make a lot of sense. While the girls themselves were making plans about how they could manage to get together over the summer, the parents were working out the details for for sharing two self storage units.
The discussions covered everything from how much space and how many self storage units they would need to what kind of lock would work best for the group.
Self storage units are a possible solution to many people across the country. Whether you are looking for secure car storage systems to keep your car safe during winter weather or you are looking for a summer location for dorm room furniture, a few storage unit tips may help in your search:

  • Find a storage unit that allows you access to your belongings any time. Secure access should keep your valuables to be safe, but allow you to get in whenever you need.
  • Find self storage units that are available in a variety of sizes. This allows you to have the space that you want while at the same time avoid over paying for too much space.
  • Find self storage units that allow you to inspect the space ahead of time. You will want to check and make sure that it is both clean and dry so that your belongings will be safe.
  • Finding a storage unit with drive up first floor access will allow you to easily pull up to load and unload. This kind of access will allow you to avoid long narrow aisles and flights of stairs.
  • Finding a storage unit that provides a variety of leasing options means that you can just pay for the space when you need it.

People Have a Variety of Reasons for Using Self Storage
Car and truck storage is one reason that many people rent storage space. Classic sports cars, for example, may be fun to drive during the summer, but not in the winter. Serious car enthusiasts often find storage options for their cars during cold weather months. Keeping a classic sports car inside during the winter protects the paint and underbody, it may also allow drivers to avoid some of the more expensive insurance months.
In addition to storing cars, some owners look to self storage options as ways to store their recreational vehicles (RVs) and boats. Because some home owner’s covenants may not allow boats and RVs to be stored in driveways and backyards, these vehicles must have another storage location. and while some people are content to store their summer “toys” outside, others have too much money invested to leave their boats and Rvs outside and exposed to the elements.
In some parts of the country, boat owners rent storage units that are available to them in the event of hurricanes or other extreme weather events. In these cases, these people want to find a solid concrete unit that will withstand high winds and torrential rains. these concrete structures have an additional benefit, they are often more comfortable and cool in the summer.
Some people use storage units temporarily while they are in the process of moving or buying and selling a house. Real estate agents, for example, often advice that for homes to be properly staged, they need to be devoid of extra pieces of furniture and personal items. In these cases, storage units can be rented for shorter lengths of time. Additionally, the temporary rental of a storage unit can allow home owners an opportunity to move quickly if needed. If, for example, your house sells immediately you may need a storage space to hold the majority of your furnishings and possessions while you wait for your new house to be ready.
Whether you are a group of parents making plans to move college freshmen home or a classic car enthusiast with several cars, self storage rentals provide many options.
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