3 Changes You Can and Should Make to Your Vehicle This Year

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Did you know that, according to research, there was a 93% reduction in skill cell death when UV-absorbing auto class was used in cars? If you own a vehicle — whether it?s a company vehicle or your own personal vehicle — there are likely several changes you?ve considered making.

So — what changes can you make to your vehicle? Let?s review.

Car Window Tinting

Although some of us may associate window tinting with gangsters, in reality, there are some solid reasons to invest in car window tinting services. Did you know that it?s more common for people to develop skin cancer on the left side of their body in the U.S.? This is due to the constant exposure to sunlight people often experience while driving. And although cancer is the most extreme reaction the body can have, exposure to UVA rays through car windows can also accelerate the aging of skin, making it appear five to seven years older (and making YOU appear older) than it actually is.

Also important: window tints can help reduce glare, which in some cases, can be deadly. You won?t always remember to bring your sunglasses or turn your head when something especially bright blinds you as the sun reflects off it; sun glare causes an estimated 3,000 accidents every single year. Why be the next crash?

Vehicle Wraps Can Protect or Advertise

Has looking at a car ever made you want pizza? That?s probably because that car had a vehicle wrap — this is when a thin sheet of film is applied to the surface of a car with a company?s advertisement. If you own a local business, this can be a great way to capture people?s attention — few people manage to note notice a moving billboard on the road with them, after all. Vehicle wraps can also protect your vehicle, if this is what you?re mainly concerned about. Clear bra — a paint protection film — can set within four hours, and can last up to 10 years — no more scratches you need to pay for out of pocket!

Automatic Car Opening

How many times have you fumbled around for your cars, worried someone will approach you while you’re distracted, or accidentally stabbing the steering wheel while you try and find the key opening in the dark? These days, many car companies are offering “keyless locks” that allow you to get into your vehicle simply with the touch of a button while you’re nearby. It’ll save you a lot of time, and trouble as well!

There you have it — there are numerous changes you can make to your vehicle to improve it. Even better — none of these are expensive! Let us know what you end up doing.

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