Saving Money on Purchasing New Tires

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Tires are an important part of any vehicle. They allow the tire to move smoothly and quickly. Too many people run their tires to the treads, which can be very dangerous. Tires that are worn out do not grip as well and can slip on some roads. They are also more prone to flat tires, which can be troublesome and costly. A lot of people put off purchasing new tires because they believe they are too expensive. However, with the right amount of research and preparation, you can find a set of quality, affordable, new tires.

Look for tire sales

A few times a year, tire warehouses will set deep discounts on their tires to make room for new inventory. Some of these sales may be advertised, while others are only found if you actually visit the store. Inquire with your local tire store if they have any discounted tires. If they do not, request to be notified when they do discount any of their current inventories. Most tire stores are willing to share this information with you to gain your tire business.

Purchase returned or gently used tires

Sometimes people purchase the wrong type of tires. They may use them minimally and then trade them in for a different brand or size. Although these tires are almost new, they cannot be sold as brand new anymore. Request for any lightly used tires at your local tire sales shop. They may just have a small inventory of gently and minimally used tire sets.

Buy in tire sets

Most tire sales shops offer a discount when you purchase all four tires, or the entire set. If you purchase just one or two of the tires, they have to find another buyer who is willing to purchase the other part of the set. For this inconvenience, you will be charged 25% to 30% more for each tire. You will actually save money on each tire if you purchase all of them at once.

Purchasing all four tires can also be better for your vehicle and can prevent frequent vehicle repairs from being needed. If you are purchasing new winter tires, for example, purchasing just two will not serve the purpose of the safer new tires. Regardless whether you have all wheel drive, front wheel drive, or rear wheel drive, you must install all four winter tires, not just two. The tires work off of each other to ensure safer driving on tough driving conditions. Also, having different sized tires on your vehicle can throw off the balance and require more tire rotations.

Check with your auto insurance

Some auto insurance companies will actually offer discounts on premiums for better tires. If you equip your vehicle with better tires, you are less likely to be an in auto accident, which is better for their rates. Depending on your provider, you can save 5% off of your car insurance premium, simply for equipping your vehicle with with tire replacements of four winter tires. This savings can translate into a significant amount on a set of four brand new tires.

Consult with your auto mechanic

If you have a regular auto mechanic, you may be able to put in a request for gently used new tires. Sometimes auto repair services shops receive trade ins that may be equipped with newer sets of tires. Although they are not brand new tires, they may be better than the set you currently have on your vehicle. When using used tires, be sure to check the treading on them before using them. When your tires tread has worn to 6 and 32nds of an inch, it is time to get them replaced.

Driving too long on worn tires can be dangerous and can be very bad for your vehicle. Although brand new tires can be costly, it is possible to find discounted tires that are in good shape. Keep your eye out for discounts and deals. Inquire with your local tires sale shop and your auto mechanic for any gently used tire discounts. Always change your tires when the treads get too low for optimal safe driving conditions.

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