Is Your Family Looking for a New Vacation Option?


The team trips had a 50/50 chance of being a blast.
When the gymnasts from the small college gymnastics team took road trips half of the students got to ride in the new Airstream Interstate Van. The other half was able to travel on the campus’d older passenger van. The girls could never figure out how the coach made the decision, and she promised that the girls would switch vans for the road trip, but the hours spent in the new Airstream Interstate Van were a dream compared to the bumpy, uncomfortable ride in the older van.
College athletes are not the only groups that use Airstream Interstate Vans for transportation. Some families with several children look to this form of transportation for their everyday travel. Other people who purchase the Airstream Interstate Van include retired couples who use the extra space not for extra seating, but for recreational vehicle adaptations like small beds, kitchen areas, and other amenities.
Is Your Family Looking for a Way to Make Travel More Affordable?
Vacations are a great way for families to get away from the busy schedules of work, school, and other commitments. The fact that vacations can be so expensive, however, can make vacations difficult for many families. Research indicates, however, that that a family of four traveling by RV on vacation can save from 23% to 59% on their vacation expenses. For too many families, a vacation means expensive hotel rooms and restaurant meals. Investing in even used camper trailers, though, can give families an opportunity to travel with fewer expenses.
Whether your family wants to start out with the purchase of one of the many available used motorhomes for sale or is ready to take the plunge and purchase a brand new full size RV, campgrounds across the country are located in a variety of locations at a variety of price levels. Some of the most basic campgrounds are very affordable and can make it very economical for families who want to camp in a central location and make day trips during a ling two week vacation. Other more expensive campgrounds come with putting greens, swimming pools, climbing walls, or lakes with paddle boats and canoes. A family traveling with their own RV can decide what kind and price of campground works best for them.
Airstream camper models, including the top of the line Airstream Interstate RVs are a popular choice for many families. Recalling the vintage travel trailers of years gone by, these newer models come with all of the newest accessories. The two main categories of RVs are motorhomes, which are motorized, and towables, which are non-motorized trailers that are towed behind the family car, van or pickup. Both types have their advantages and disadvantages and a salesperson at a RV supercenter can help a buyer decide which type of RV is the best for you.
RV Resale Values Remain Substantial
As more families get interested in RV travel, there is always a market for used RVs. It is a common practice, for instance, for a camping family to start their RV life in a smaller model. If that family enjoys the camping life, it is not uncommon for them to trade up to a larger RV.
Fortunately, there is a steady supply of other families or couples that are ready to buy these used vehicles. For the RVs that are in the best shape, it is common they can be used for many years. Some of the classic Airstream models from decades ago are seeing a new life as well. Remodeled in retro upholstery and fabric, these tiny trailers are a popular new trend for many kinds of travelers, crafters, and other entrepreneurs. From traveling poets to solo campers who enjoy a small, classic space, a vintage Airstream camper can be the perfect option.
With as many as 16,000 public and privately owned campgrounds nationwide, RV enthusiasts are free to travel the highways and the byways of America, for a weekend or for months at a time. If you are looking for a more affordable way for your family to travel, RV camping may be the perfect option. Used travel campers and the newest Rv models both offer a great alternative to families looking for vacations that do not break the bank.

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