Motorcoaches Hands Down the Best Way to See the Country

Coach bus inside

When traveling across our beautiful nation, there is something that is missed with the haste of air travel. Aside from the increasing price of standard airfare, a lot of our nation’s beauty can only be seen by traveling across roads. Chartering a bus is the ideal way to minimize costs while capturing the romanticized feelings reminiscent of the all-American road trip. Across the nation, the motorcoach industry is made up of nearly 3,400 small businesses that boast a total industry fleet of around 33,400 vehicles to provide charter, tour, sightseeing, airport shuttle, commuter, and other scheduled services. Here are three occasions for which Americans look to hire the best charter bus companies they can find.

Group Trips

Class field trips, church groups, and family get-togethers all require mass transportation, meaning that traveling expenses can be pricey overall for those arranging individual transportation. Motorcoaches help to reduce transportation costs; a motorcoach achieves 206.6 passenger miles per gallon compared to personal automobiles that average only 27.2 miles per gallon. Students and seniors together account for half of the passenger trips provided by the motorcoach industry as of 2012; many who choose a motorcoach once will do so again as they enjoy to travel comfortably on a bus as opposed to crowded flights. The best charter bus companies know that they are contributing to a growing tourism economy; each dollar invested in new motorcoaches statistically generates an additional $1.65 of spending throughout a number of sectors of the economy for a total yearly estimate of over $1.2 billion spent on tourism.

Party Weekends

The other half of the motorcoach industry was for adults and young adults — many of which were looking for a group getaway. For those looking for a break from the ordinary, hiring the best charter bus companies means having a dependable driver for your weekend. Arranging hotel stays and activities at a destination ahead of time and hiring a charter bus could mean a responsibility-free weekend dedicated to relaxation, sightseeing, and constant partying. With national stress levels peaking in the work place, the time has never been more right to book an exciting weekend away with some of the best charter bus companies in the nation helping to fuel your escape!

Cross-Country Road Trips

Motorcoaches are responsible for 751 million passenger trips annually; in some years motorcoaches across the world move more passengers than commercial airlines. For the over 14 million rural United States residents, motorcoaches are often the only available mode of public intercity transit; in fact there are five times as many motorcoach terminals across the nation as their are airports and six times as many bus terminals as there are intercity rail terminals. For this reason, no other transportation service is able to take vacation-goers to the destinations they want to go. Booking a charter bus service for several weeks at a time could help your family, friends, or organization plot out your ideal road trip to see as much of our nation as you want. A growing number of motorcoaches have amenities such as air conditioning/heating, an on-board toilet, DVD players and screens, and on-board WiFi access to ensure that no trip is ever boring. For a lively and fun way to see our great nation, consider booking a charter bus service to get out there and explore where other forms of transit are unable to go.

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