Industrial Lubricants Serve a Wide Range of Functions, Including Space Travel

Metalworking fluids

Just about every industry that uses machinery needs lubricating oils and greases. This includes the manufacturing, automotive, marine, aviation, and oil exploration industries. Metalwork lubricants, coolants and fluids play an essential part in their functioning and maintenance. Fluids such as Castrol Braycote even find applications in space travel. The correct use of fluids is central to maintaining cost efficiencies and avoiding breakdowns.

Machining fluids prevent wear and tear
Metalworking fluids promote cost efficiencies and reduce tool wear, preventing breakdowns and delays. Lubricants, coolants and fluids play an important role in the machining process. These functions include cooling, lubrication, chip removal, and corrosion control. They prevent wear and tear on machinery and tools and prevent shutdowns. This can be important for the machining process and for overall productivity.
Conversely, the lack of proper lubrication can lead to equipment shutdowns and necessitate costly and time-consuming repairs. A study of the functioning of manufacturing companies found that the majority or 70% of their unplanned shutdowns over the past last three years were due to using the wrong lubricants or using them incorrectly.

Types of industrial lubricants
Lubricants can be synthetics or semi-synthetic. Pure synthetics contain no oil at all, while semi-synthetic lubricants have less than 30% oil content in their concentrate form. Choosing the right industrial supplies and lubricants can be crucial to keeping the machinery functioning properly.
For the majority of lubrication professionals, or 89% of them, the lubricant oil’s viscosity index is the most important factor in choosing the right one. Once lubrication professionals find the fluid that works correctly for their process, they tend to stick with it.

Grease for the space age
Speciality lubricants like Castrol Braycote can be used in extreme conditions, including space travel. It is non-toxic, non-inflammable, and CFC-free. It has exceptional chemical resistance, low volatility, and a wide temperature service range. It can operate in the presence of rocket fuels, oxidizers and high vacuum.
This is why it has been used in space travel, including in the Space Shuttle and satellites. It is also used in other extreme chemical or environmental conditions, like ball and roller bearings and gears. It is also used as an assembly lubricant for O- rings and elastomers. As an inert preflourinated great, it has an excellent shelf life.

Industrial lubricants play an essential part in many industries, including machining, trucking and space travel. Industrial fluids serve a range of purposes, from coolants to the space age Castrol Braycote which is used in satellites and the space shuttle.

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