How to Reduce Bacterial Growth Within Your Vehicle

Car carpet

When was the last time you replaced your car’s carpet? What about your cutpile floor mats? According to experts, your car’s carpeting should be replaced every ten years or so. Your cutpile floor mats, however, may need replacing more often. This will depend on how often you drive and in what weather conditions. In addition to other factors, you may need new cutpile car carpet and mats due to the number and type of passengers you tend to have.

The frequency with which you clean your car and replace your mats will also depend on whether you have four-legged family members, such as dogs. You may need to have your trunk mats replaced more often if you transport or store tools or other items in your trunk. If you or your passengers drink beverages and eat meals in the car, this will also make a difference in how often you may need to have it cleaned or need replacement carpet.

Were you aware, for example, that your car is likely dirtier than your home? According to a GAP Enviromicrobial Services study, there are usually 17,000 times more bacteria in your car than throughout your home. Furthermore, another study from Aston University in Birmingham discovered that car trunks, where people usually place their groceries, contain roughly 850 different types of bacteria.

A third study was conducted by celebrity microbiologist, Charles P. Gerba. He discovered that there was a greater amount of bacteria in cars where children rode and where beverages or food had been spilled. This is because bacteria can proliferate within these spillages. Since several surveys show that 70% of drivers either eat or drink in their cars, this is a definite breeding ground for bacteria.

A recent survey was conducted by The Dohring Company. Most, or 95% of the participants, expressed concern about air pollutants entering and remaining within their vehicles. It’s been determined that the environment within someone’s car could be two to ten times more polluted than freeway breezes and wind. One way to reduce the amount of pollutants that enter your vehicle is to avoid driving behind buses, diesel cars, and trucks. Whenever possible, it’s also a good practice to use the carpool lane. In addition to reducing overall traffic by carpooling, the air in this lane is 30% to 50% cleaner. This is because the aforementioned vehicles don’t use this lane.

Given all of the above, you may want to give some serious thought as to whether or not it’s time to replace your carpet. In addition to replacing carpet and cutpile floor mats within the interior of your vehicle, you also want to consider the condition of your trunk carpet or mat. While you may not have total control over environmental pollutants, you can reduce the amount of bacteria you have within your car by having it professionally cleaned on a regular basis and replacing the carpet and mats as recommended.

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