Five Last Minute Gifts for the Car Enthusiast in your Life

Cobra kit car cost

Are you still looking for that perfect gift for the favorite male in your life? If you are looking for a last minute gift for the car enthusiast in your life, any of these car related gifts are perfect.

Oil change gift certificates
Every car requires oil changes. Even motorcycles, RVs, and boats require oil changes. Gifting oil change gift certificates are a great gift idea because they are going to need an oil change at some point this coming year. Just make sure you gift them an all inclusive oil change. You want to make sure they can get an oil type and brand that they use. Some authentic cars, like the Cobra, require a higher quality of oil.

Car wash gift certificates
Another item that car owners always need is car washes. Car washes are good for more than shining the vehicle. They also prevent damage and rust from occurring. If you are gifting for someone that takes pride in their vehicle, it is very likely that they will appreciate a car wash certificate. Although car washes are not expensive, the cost of getting them frequently can add up.

Auto detail packages
A car wash can only get your vehicle so clean. However, paying for a professional detail package can make it feel new again. If you know someone that needs a good car cleaning or that appreciates the smell of a new vehicle, they are also likely to enjoy an auto detail package gift. Auto detail packages are also good for those currently working on a project car. If you know someone working on an authentic replication Cobra car kit, a professional detail package is perfect for once they have finished the project.

Car replication kits
You might not be able to gift a brand new car, but you can gift the next best thing. A replica car kit, such as a AC Cobra kit, allows them to turn their current vehicle into something similar to their favorite Cobra car. The best Cobra car kit is one that fits their current car?s size and style. Additionally, if they are already working on a Cobra replica car kit, you can gift additional parts. This is also a unique gift idea. There were only 538 1964 Mark II models built. Buying one of these cars, if you could even come across one, would be very expensive. But, the AC Cobra kit car cost is an affordable option.

Historical information about their favorite car
For an even more affordable option, consider gifting a book or magazine about their favorite car manufacturer. There is a lot of interesting historical information out there about car brands. For example, manufacturers originally advertised the horsepower of the Shelby Mustang GT 500 as 335. This was a low estimate to appease insurance companies. The actual horsepower was closer to 500 and while consumers were aware of this, they could cut their insurance costs. This fast horsepower set records. An AC Cobra Coupe famously reached 186 mph (299 km per hour) on a British motorway in 1964.

Just because it is the last week of the holiday gift shopping season does not mean that you have to resort to gift cards or money. You can still gift a unique present that is personalized and shows you really put thought into it. For the car enthusiast in your life, gifting car wash certificates, oil change certificates, or even a replica Cobra kit all make the perfect last minute gift.

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