How to Plan a Wine Tour That is Totally Out of the Box

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Ever since the movie Sideways I have been enamored with the idea of the wine tour, so when the opportunity arose for me to take a tour with one of my best friends before his wedding I hopped at the opportunity. While most people go about the wine tour by using a party bus, or limo service we decided to take a different angle with ours. As a little background, me and my best friend Marc are avid motorcyclists. Ever since college we had this idea of taking our summer off and traveling the United States using only our vintage motorcycles. Unfortunately this never really happened due to something called life. I got a job, married and pretty rooted, while Marc took a job with the government and therefore had to travel quite a bit. Flash forward ten years and here we are trying to figure out how we are going to take a wine tour with motorcycles. As you can imagine, wine and motorcycles should not mix, so immediately this brought up some complications. After going through several other options we decided to have two of our friends ferry use from winery to winery as designated drivers by using sidecar motorcycles. Our Sidecar tour worked out great, but we learned that the planning was the most fun and helpful part of our trip. Here are some tips that can help you regardless of how you plan your wine tours.

Take Time to Plan a Route You Love

Just like any road trip you will need to plan out a route that makes the best sense for your group. Every winery has different specialties and depending on the tastes of your group you?ll need to do some research to find the wineries that match up with your individual tastes. If your friends are-fans of the bold reds like Merlot than you?ll probably be disappointed by picking a region that specializes in Riesling or Chardonnay. Sometimes surprise can add to the excitement of a wine tour, but other times it can just lead to frustration and a generally lame time. Don?t leave it all to chance, plan a route, this will give you the freedom to play it a little fast and loose to find hidden gems.

Choose a Season That Fits Your Desired Experience

Almost as important as choosing the right wineries for you is finding the right time of year to go visit. For our trip we of course needed the sunny and rain free summer. For those of you using limo or party bus services, the weather might not be as important to you. Keep in mind that many wineries have busy seasons just like any other business. If you don?t want to be swamped with other wine lovers you might want to do some research to avoid the larger crowds. The good news is that most wineries are open year round.

Motorcycle Wine Tours Aren’t For Everyone, You Need to Pick the Transportation That is Right for You

During our motorcycle wine tour we definitely got plenty of looks and questions, but overall it was a great experience we wouldn’t of had it any other way. While the motorcycle lifestyle isn’t for everyone, there is still the big question of how will you travel from winery to winery. Of course safety is the first priority, therefore driving yourself is most definitely a big no no. Some people opt for a big party experience choosing to hire party buses and limo services. For others they just have designated drivers. I even met a few people who did a camping and hiking wine tour. The long and the short of it is that your imagination the only limitation when it comes to how you will travel is your imagination.

The most important part of planning any wine tour adventure is planning. By doing the work before you hit the road you are almost assured to have a great time. Our Motorcycle wine trip was a long time coming and well worth the wait. What can be better than spending time on the road with your best friends?

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