Are You Looking for RV Storage Locations?

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It was the talk of the neighborhood. The crew of five Corvette enthusiasts actually walked a car lift from one house to another house six blocks away. The fact that the new house would hold a car lift was, in fact, the deciding factor on the new house purchase. Never thinking that he would find another home that would let him house four cars in a three car garage, the classic car driver convinced his wife that this was the new house for them. It was a chance to downsize but still have the garage storage that he wanted. And, he promised, he would be able to move the car lift himself. Pulling the car lift behind his lawn tractor, the excited car owner simply had to have four of his Corvette buddies walk along side the trailer to complete the move.
Are You Looking for Classic Car, Boat, or RV Storage?
Americans live crowded lives. We have houses that are full of clothes, furniture, and other personal belongings. We have garages that are full of cars, trucks, mowers, bikes, and sports equipment. And even with all of these options in our homes, many people still lack a storage location for some of their larger items. Recreational vehicles, including travel size motor homes, boats, jet skis, and classic cars often require storage space away from the home. Although some car storage systems allow for home owners to stack one car on top of another, the owners of most typical homes do not have this option. As a result, many people look for rental space for RV storage, boat storage, and classic car storage.
RV storage is a necessity for many recreational vehicle owners. Although many RV owners have easy access to outdoor storage, many look for indoor RV storage options to protect their investment. Recreational vehicles can often take up a lot of space so storing them outside can be a tempting option. Many RVs, however, require a lot of maintenance when left out doors. Storing them in a secure inside unit keeps them free from incurring damage caused by weather.
Do You Have a Boat That You Need to Store in the Off Season?
Safe, secure boat storage is another reason that some families look for storage options. An investment in a boat, like an investment in an RV needs to be protected when it is not in use as much as it needs to be maintained when in use. Indoor storage units protect boats from winter weather, damaging winds in the spring, and other unexpected weather events. The maintenance required before boating season is much less if that boat has been safely stored in an indoor facility than if that boat has sat outside in the elements. And while a few home owners simply store their boat on their own property, many home owners associations limit the amount of time a boats, RVs, or other large items can sit outside of a home. Even if your neighborhood has no limitations on outside storage, finding a storage location can free up a family’s driveway space, as well as the space in a side yard.
Secure car storage is important to car enthusiasts who have a vehicle that requires winter car storage. Because, let’s face it, a convertible sports car that is fun to drive in the summer and other warm times of the year is no fun on slushy winter roads. For car enthusiasts who want to protect their investment, a secure storage location is often the best solution. Even if you do have room in your home garage, a covered classic car can still get damaged or dented. the every day activities of a family garage simply are not suited for protecting an expensive vehicle. As children get bicycles in and out of the garage, for instance, it is difficult to maneuver around a car in a crowded garage.
Families that need to store their items when those items are not in use, also need access to those items at a variety of times. For this reason, many people look for storage units that allow 24/7 drive up access. Visually inspecting a rental location to make sure that it is clean and dry is another important factor to consider.

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