Find the Fountain of Youth for Your Car with These Tips

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If you are like most people, you love your car. It does not have to be a new car to be loved. Most cars on the road today are about 11 years old. There are ways to make your car look, run and feel new again. You do not have to perform massive engine maintenance to make the car run better.

Start with a really through cleaning. Go through and give a good scrubbing to every surface inside and out of your vehicle. Get rid of any and all garbage you may have in the car or in the trunk. Most people would be surprised at how their garbage can add weight and make the car less fuel efficient. After you have any and all junk out of the car, vacuum everywhere. If you can find a way to get the seats out, that is the best way you can more of the gunk out from under them. Next get the carpet and upholstery shampooed. You can shampoo it yourself if you are up to the task. Wash the exterior and get underneath as well. Your car’s first line of defense is the paint so keep it looking its best by applying a good wax after it is washed and dry. Ideally, you will do this at least twice a year. It is not a expensive engine maintenance job but waxing makes your car look awesome.

Upgrade your sound system and other electronics. Does your car’s system sync easily with your phone or tablet? If you look into it, systems that allow Bluetooth connections, GPS services and satellite radio are a lot cheaper now than ever before. Check out the different options. If you drive a lot, having some of these newer systems will make a big difference. Being able to use your car’s audio systems for phone calls can make talking on the phone a lot safer.

Look to upgrade your steering wheel and dashboard systems. How long as it been since you did anything to your steering wheel? Is it cracked? How about the lights for everything? Most of what you touch and look at on the dashboard and steering wheel can be replaced for very little money. It may not be an big engine maintenance job that makes your car feel newer, it may just be upgrading the things you look at and touch every time you get in your car. Talk to your area auto repair service company and ask for suggestions about these parts. You may be surprised at how different your car feels.

How does your car smell? After a lot of usage, you may need to work on the air conditioning system. Left alone, mold can grow where moisture accumulates. Other dust, dirt and grime can also clog up the system. This makes it less efficient and can make your car smell not as fresh as it could. You can mask that smell with air freshener but you can make it go away with some air conditioner maintenance. First, you should change the air filters. In addition to doing the recommended change of the coolant every year and regular flushing of that system.

Check your seals. The rubber seals around your car may start to crack as they age. You can easily replace them when you see this happening. You may feel it when you drive and sense the air coming through. When you do this, make sure you chance your windshield wipers, too. They should be switched out every five to 12 months. This is very cheap to do and will make your life a lot easier when it is rainy. You can get these at any automotive repair shop.

Get your tires rotated. Rotating your tires is one of the best things you can do to keep your tires running like new. When your tires are rotated and kept at the proper pressure, this also improves your gas mileage.

Your car is meant to last a long time. It does not take a costly engine maintenance job to get your car running better. You can do simple things to make your car run better.


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