Car Repair and You — Some Fast Facts to Bring You Up to Speed in the Automotive Industry

Car Repair and You — Some Fast Facts to Bring You Up to Speed in the Automotive Industry

car serviceIn the market for a new or used car? Are you an owner, seller, mechanic, or driving enthusiast? If not, no worries. Learning about proper car service is fun and beneficial for everyone. You don’t have to go down to your local car dealership and have deals on new cars thrown at you, either. Learning is free, and you can do it online!

We’ve put together some facts about car repair, maintenance, and other best practices to help you stay up to speed on automotive service. It’ll help you stay up to date on car talk whether you’re a seasoned professional or enthusiastic novice looking to get into cars for the very first time.

Dead weight
— If your car is the average weight, then removing 100 lbs or so from it will increase its gas mileage by about 2%. To put this in a visual medium, imagine removing the back seats from a caravan, or something similar to that. Each seat you remove may as well be considered a percentage point of your fuel economy. Better empty out the car if you’re not using it to lug everything around!

Inflated tires
— If your car has fully inflated tires, then it can save upwards of another 3% of fuel economy. While gas prices may be relatively low at the time of this writing, they most certainly do fluctuate. It’s worth keeping this knowledge in mind should you ever find yourself paying a little too much at the pump and clawing for ways to save on your fuel budget.

How many pieces?
— Ever wonder how many bits and pieces it actually takes to make a vehicle? Experts say the average amount of pieces to a car is 30,000.

Regardless of whether or not you have the ability to fix a car yourself, or if you’re the first one in any situation to call the professionals and let them take over, these few fast facts about the motoring industry should serve as friendly tips and reminders on how you can save a few bucks at the pump.

Feel free to share your thoughts on car service! Mechanics and car salesmen aren’t the only folks that Americans want to hear from!

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