Chevrolet Collectors Around the World Vying For a Glimpse of the Only 1983 Corvette in the World

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While it may be difficult to imagine a world without cars, the truth is that they have only been manufactured for a little more than 100 years. Although an experimental, steam-powered vehicle was invented in the late 1600s, the world would have to wait more than 200 years for modern automobiles and highways. Chevrolet has manufactured more than 200 million cars and trucks, experts report, and has established itself as a popular brand around the world.

What started in 1911 as a collaboration between a racecar driver and a preeminent manufacturer of automobiles has evolved into a mainstay of American culture: more than 1,000 popular songs have referenced the Chevrolet brand in the last century, and experts note that approximately 10 Chevrolet cars are purchased every minute of every day at local Chevy car dealerships.

Used Chevy dealers
can often help customers track down parts for restoration projects, and vintage Chevrolet cars and trucks continue to enjoy popularity among car enthusiasts worldwide. Vintage cars that originally sold for less than $3,000 in 1914 have collectors excited; recently, a collectible Chevrolet convertible sold for more than $3 million. As experienced car collectors take more vintage automobiles and trucks out of circulation, historically-restored vehicles may become a bit harder to find.

Local Chevy car dealerships can help customers decide which car to buy, but they may not be aware of the fact that Chevrolet manufactured its first SUV in the mid-1930s. During World War II, private vehicle manufacturing was paused for several years while factories made Chevrolet trucks for the war effort. And most interestingly, Chevrolet has issued a new convertible every year since 1953, except for 1983, when more stringent emissions standards forced the company to shelve its newest convertible model.

Fortunately, a single 1983 Chevrolet convertible remains, prominently displayed in a collectible car museum. What used car dealerships may not realize is the strength of the market for used Chevrolet convertibles in general. Often, if a used car dealer does not have a particular model in stock, they are able to request it from another dealer. Customers who prefer a certain brand may also want to research vehicles via the internet, though they are advised to test drive the vehicle before making payment to a private seller.

Chevrolet has become so well-known around the world that experts estimate two-thirds of the world’s highways, back roads, and avenues to contain a Chevrolet car or truck. Local Chevy car dealerships tend to have extensive knowledge of different makes and models; after more than a century, loyal customers around the world wonder what surprises Chevrolet has to offer in their second century of doing business.

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