Are My Local Used Subaru Dealers Reliable?

Used car dealerships in rochester

When shopping for used cars, there’s a lot of things to take into consideration: from the type of vehicle (a Subaru, of course, but what model?) to the color and miles of the specific car you choose. Every used car shopper knows the horror story of driving away in a shining chariot only to have it turn into a lemon at the end of the night. Don’t let that be you.

When shopping from used Subaru dealers, it’s important to know the used car dealer you purchase from is reliable. Here are four steps to ensure any local used Subaru dealerships you visit are reputable:

  1. Is it a certified used Subaru dealer?

    Any used Subaru dealers which have been certified and backed by Subaru can be trusted as reliable. Subaru car dealers with dealer certification mean their warranties are guaranteed and they have qualified technicians to service and repair your Subaru with manufacture-backed parts. Certified dealers are also prone to offering great rates and incentives. Why? Because they could have more than one company backing them, which means they’ll be anxious to move cars fast. If you visit a local Subaru dealer and it isn’t obvious if they’re certified (that is, if they aren’t blatantly advertising it), just ask. It never hurts to ask, right?
    1. What does the Better Business Bureau have to say?

      Every shoppers best friend, the Better Business Bureau is a wonderful resource for determining the integrity of any business, including used Subaru dealers. The Better Business Bureau maintains a database of complaints filed against a company and if those complaints have been resolved. Any used car dealer will likely do business with a lot of people so chances are they’ll have received one or two complaints. This doesn’t mean they aren’t still reliable. The key is if those complaints have been satisfactorily resolved or are still outstanding. A reputable used Subaru dealer will pride themselves on offering the best in customer service. To offer the best customer service, they must address and resolve all customer complaints. The Better Business Bureau can tell you if this is true for the dealerships near you.
      1. How skilled is their service department?

        The best dealerships have the best service departments. One of the best (and often overlooked) ways of gauging a used Subaru dealers reliability is through their service department. A fully equipped service department promises quality and timely maintenance and future repairs. You can gauge how up to speed a dealership’s service department is with a quick phone call to ask about the services they offer.
        1. How suave are their salesmen?

          Used car salesmen can be the worst. Horror stories about salesmen may be more common than horror stories about lemons. A reputable used Subaru dealership will hire only the most reputable, respectable salesmen. Trust your gut with this one. How does the salesman first make contact? Does he try to push a sale on you right away or take the time to build a rapport? Maybe he takes the time to share a bit about Subaru as a company and how their use of highly recyclable materials has earned the company a 97.3% recycling ratio for their vehicles. He should also take the time to learn what you’re looking for. For instance, if speed is your thing, a good salesman will show you Subaru’s turbocharged versions of their cars, such as the Impreza WRX.

          At the end of the day, we all want to know we’ve purchased from a salesperson who has our best interests at heart. Even if you already know the manufacturer is reputable – – how can they not be with over a 97% recycling ratio? Not to mention being the manufacturer with the first auto plant with zero landfill waste – – it’s important to feel you can trust the man or woman selling you your new car, too.

        What are you waiting for?

        Now that you have the means to determine if your local used Subaru dealers are reputable, get out there and see what they have to offer. It’s always fun to visit to a used Subaru dealership. If you get to walk away with a new appreciation for the manufacturer itself, all the better.

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