4 Signs It’s Time for a New Set of Tires

Many vehicles currently on the road aren’t in optimal condition. Each year, nearly $60 billion worth of car repairs go unperformed. Considering that, it’s no wonder that researchers report nearly 77% of all vehicles on the road were in need of some type of maintenance or repair work. It’s not a good decision to let car repairs go unperformed. With that in mind, it’s wise to think about the condition of your tires. Considering that, here are four signs it’s time to think about getting a new set of tires.

  1. You’ve Been Driving on a Spare

    If you’re depending on a spare tire in the back, this isn’t the best decision. First, these tires are only meant to be used in case of emergencies. This is why many spare tires are only able to safely transport your vehicle for a specified amount of miles. In addition, many new car manufacturers have stopped including spares due to new emissions restrictions.
  2. Tires Are Losing Tread

    When you look at a set of new tires, you’ll notice these items have distinct grooves or treads. It’s the tread of a tire that gives it traction and stopping power. If your tires are losing their tread, this area appears more smooth and rounded. Unfortunately, tires with little to no tread are extremely dangerous. Therefore, it’s wise to find tires for sale as soon as possible.
  3. Cracks Appear Around Your Tires

    While inspecting each tire on your vehicle, look closely for any cracking. As tires get older and used more often, they’re susceptible to wearing down. Cracking around the wall of a tire is a definite sign to bring your vehicle into a repair shop. If left unfixed, cracking tires can completely blow out. Oftentimes, this alarmingly scary situation happens while someone is driving their automobile.
  4. Being Unsure of When Your Tires Were Last Replaced

    Many people live life at quite a fast pace. Considering that, it’s understandable that you’re going to forget a few important dates. However, you should always have a way to keep track of tire inspections. If you can’t remember the last time this took place, it’s probably a good idea to contact car care services for a tire replacement.

In conclusion, it’s important to know when you need to replace your tires. These important parts of a motor vehicle enable it to travel safely. Without a set of safe tires, you’re likely driving an unsafe vehicle. In order to keep roadways safe for yourself and other drivers, consider having your tires replaced. The cost of new tires is a small price to pay for avoiding costly automobile accidents.

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