4 Essential Components of Building Your Own Boat

According to data from early 2017, a whopping 42.6 million people sad they’d gone boating in the last 12 months. That certainly means boating is a popular sport, but why are people using boats anyway?

Fishing, water skiing, family activities, intercontinental goods transportation, diving, deep water swimming, and even living are all purposes for different types of watercraft. If you want to do one or many of these activities with your boat, you have two options. You could either search for the boat of your dreams or build your own boat. Let’s talk about the latter.

Custom Boats

If you want to have a watercraft that’s truly customized, filled with all of the boat accessories you could dream of, you will need a few things.

  1. A Hull:The best way to source a hull for your boat is by browsing the classifieds for an old aluminum fishing boat that’s been gutted of all the internal components. As long as it isn’t rusted at all, you should be able to do this for pretty cheap. If you like custom boats that are much bigger than any fishing boat, you can find other hulls, but it might take a little longer.
  2. Wood:You don’t need to be an expert carpenter to form the floor for your custom boat. Just make sure to get pressure treated wood that’s at least half an inch thick. Marine plywood that’s .75 inches thick is preferable, but could give you some weight issues.
  3. Flooring:You can’t leave your wooden floor bare. To cover it, you have a choice between vinyl and carpet. Carpeting is nicer; it makes for a classier boat. The problem is, carpet gets damaged easily when wet. Vinyl is the better option for open deck boats for three reasons. First, it’s easier to install. Second, getting it wet is not an issue. Third, if you spill anything on vinyl, it is super easy to clean.
  4. A Motor: Power! The easiest way to make your boat go is by buying a standard outboard motor. You can get these new or used. If budgeting is a concern, used motors are not terribly expensive and they can run for many years.

Custom boats are inventive, creative, and require a lot of time and patience. In the end, though, building your own boat can give you more experience and pleasure than you’d ever imagine possible.

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