Why Use an Offshore Management Company?

Are you considering an offshore management company? Countries around the world have made entire industries out of providing exceptional financial services. These services range from tax protection, financial security and management, as well as privacy protection. Setting up company headquarters in such a country provides business owners with a novel opportunity to enjoy major financial advantages.

One of the main benefits, and possibly the most talked about one is tax!

All business owners are always looking for ways to reduce their taxes as this area of a business can become the biggest burdens.

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Generally offshore companies are tax exempt or pay little tax in the country of incorporation. For example, many beneficial owners use offshore companies as holding companies, to receive dividends.

Companies can also benefit from importing or exporting within an offshore location. An example of this includes, receiving orders directly from the customer and the purchased goods being sent from the manufacturer. This would enable the profit from the trade to be either tax free or low tax. When choosing the right location be aware of the tax and choose a location with good shipping facilities.

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