Why a New Battery Could Be the Perfect Pick-Me-Up for Your Honda Hybrid

Honda insight ima

If like many other Honda hybrid owners, you love your Honda Insight hybrid, then you are probably interested in ways that you can improve upon an already great car. You could put in an aftermarket stereo system, upgrade the tires, or have someone look at the engine and tinker around, but the real opportunity for upgrading lies in the battery. It all comes down to the Honda Insight IMA system.

IMA stands for Integrated Motor Assist, which is a hybrid technology unique to Honda. The IMA is essentially the combination of electric motor, internal combustion engine, and transmission, mounted in a specific way to allow the hybrid system to balance the engine, start the motor, and also, when necessary, assist with the traction motor. The Honda Insight battery for this system is also unique.

The IMA engine contributes energy to the battery through regenerative braking. Whenever you brake in a Honda Insight, some of the energy that would normally be lost in the deceleration is captured, and stored. This is how the battery recharges, and therefore why hybrids are so fuel efficient.

However, some car experts consider the Honda Insight IMA battery to be outdated. In fact, The News Wheel recently speculated that the 2014 Honda Insight Hybrid could be the last of its line. This might be a disappointment to current Honda Insight hybrid owners, but many still will be at peace knowing that their current Honda Insight could last a very long time. If you want to improve the longevity of the battery, you might consider choosing remanufactured hybrid batteries.

Hybrid battery replacement is necessary for some hybrid owners, because battery packs are sometimes unable to outlast the car’s lifespan. After the original purchase, a hybrid battery pack might last between six to ten years, and if you hold on to your Honda hybrid long enough, that means that you’ll eventually need a new one. However, even if your battery doesn’t die, it’s still worth replacing in order to get more power, and better mileage.

Whether the Honda Insight IMA will be around in the future or not, your current Honda probably uses this system. Fortunately, third-party battery manufacturers have improved on the original battery packs to hold more power, last longer, and thereby improve fuel efficiency. Remember, you can’t change out the IMA system in your Honda, but you can change out the battery. To get the best possible performance out of your vehicle, choosing a new and improved battery is your best option. For more about this, go here: bumblebeebatteries.com

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